a clan to add to the clan list

Hey i am one of the owners from .:|T§W|:. clan we are a clan for hl2dm as u can see awe enjoy fighting we are a newer clan. we established this clan in September of 2009 we have a website here is the link http://theshadowwarriors.clanservers.com/ yes the site is still under construction.
We train our player to the best of our ability we have 3 hl2dm servers 1 is all kill box maps and the other is cal and the one that the other owner runs is the death run ( Still a work in progress).
We do have events and a ranking system.

cool clan name, how do i join?

well u need to go to that link on the post before and click forums and then click register on the forums area no t all the tabs works like i said it is still getting worked on ill give link again http://theshadowwarriors.clanservers.com/index.php

i’d like to join as well. :mrgreen:

Welcome, ignore the above ppl as they are just joshing u :stuck_out_tongue: one of them doesn’t play hl2dm anymore and the other is in a divison 1 CU team.

There is a league starting up again soon if u think ur clan will be up for that. Just check in the League Talk topic for details. Also, if u wanna scrim sometime add me from here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197991280019

And u should post recruitment stuff in the Recruitment Office section.

i think you’ve covered all the ways you can say the samething. poor kids.

Member Rules:

  1. Never Mis-Treat other players, whether they be in the .:|T§W|:.Clan or not, be patient with people, not everyone may be as good as you.

  2. Never lose control of your frustrations or anger. Never ever lash out against another player. Always maintain an attitude of moderation.
    By loosing your cool, you hurt the image of the clan and our servers.

  3. Respect all members/players as is their due. All players are due at least a small degree of respect as long as they abide by the rules.
    Never allow or participate in discussions on servers that might make other players feel uncomfortable.

  4. Try to help new players, not belittle or frustrate them. Never put down a player who is trying to learn.
    Always remember that at one time you were that new player.

  5. Never at anytime, insult or dishonor yourself or this clan out of ignorance or anger on any server or any forum.

  6. If you have an issue with another player, talk to them about it, don’t lash out at each other on the servers,
    you make people not feel welcome. If you refuse to talk to the person your in a fued with, post it on the forums.

  7. Always remember to some this is more than a game. Present yourself as you wish others to present themselves to you: With honor.

  8. Always try to welcome players that enter our servers and others with a simple “Hey”. Always depart a game or server with a “gg”.

  9. It is mandatory for ALL members to wear their .:|T§W|:.Tag with honor, we aren’t another group of kids that want to have a name.
    This is a dedicated clan, and if you don’t wear the tag proudly, then you won’t wear one at all.
    Should some event occur that requires you to momentarily remove your tag, you may do so, however, these situations should be kept
    to an absolute minimal, and always remember to put your tag back on before you leave HL2DM

please rethink the server config used on your CAL (normal gravity) server. i popped in to see how smooth it was and found it to be extremely jerky for me. my personal config is rate 100000, cl_updaterate 100, and cl_cmdrate 100. the best i could get on your server was:

max rate was 30000
max cl_updaterate was 60
max cl_cmdrate was 100

at least make the update and cmd max rates the same. doesnt matter if you choose 100 or 67 or whatever.

denied, you arn’t a true shadow warrior like myself


Welcome! It takes me about 3 months to do anything on here these days, if I ever manage to get around to it at all!

Don’t be discouraged by my mastery of procrastination, we are just laid back like that. :mrgreen:

max rate was 50000
max cl_updaterate was 100
max cl_cmdrate was 100

lol, good way to put it.