A novel idea.

Let me attempt to use different words to get my point accross;

Half-Life 2: Deathmatch University should not be your only stop in your quest to beccoming a better player and should be used as a tool only. It is a good resource for information but it needs to used in conjunction with a boot camp that should be used in conjunction with a powerful tool; Common Sense. “Boot Camp” can be as simple as pressing escape and studying your control’s. Walking, Running, Crouching, Sprinting, Aiming and Shooting are all basic movement teqniques every player should master on there own before they try and tackle more advanced multi-player feats of coordination like “bunny hoping” and “grav jumping”. The only way to truly master any teqnique is to do it over and over and over again and that can only be done with time. The end result of the U is players that lack the information and education to inteligently defeat there opponents on the battlefield provided by valve and lack the basic knowledge and skill to manipulate there character on the screen. Take a look how the military trains new rectruits. Everyone starts at the bottom and works there way up slowly getting educated on how the system and the world around them works until they are fully trained and profficient in every aspect of there job. Its called proffessionalism and the same logic can be applied to your game and every aspect of your life.

The “Rules” of the game are simple; Kill or be killed and use the tools given to you to the best of your ability and have fun. The original Half-Life DM was simply the multi-player function for a single player game and not stand alone. Again the rules were simple; Kill or be killed using the tools and teqniques you have mastered while playing the single player game. Half-Life 2: Deathmatch takes those same fundementals; use the tools and teqniques you learned in the single player game and apply them in the field against your friends.The logic behind that is to make sure you have the basic knowledge and skills to at least be able to function in the single player environment before you graduate to the more advanced concepts and movement teqniques in deathmatch. Left 4 Dead takes those same aspects of survival and the kill or be killed atmosphere of DM and the single player aspects of the half-life series and blends them all together. Communication, Coordination, Teamwork and common sense are essencial or you will fail. You don’t know how to play? Play the single player, learn how to move shoot and aim, and then try your luck in the field.The U seems to want to get players ready and interested in the CAL aspects of gameplay only. You have attemped and failed to turn deathmatch into a sport and tried to apply sportsman like behavior into a war zone and change the roots of deathmatch and coincidentaly seem to have lost track of what the game is about; Killing your friends and having fun in an environment with no rules.

Here is a novel idea

Go start up your own site and community.

Preparing players for CAL was never the goal. Just because people involved in CAL have chosen to get involved with DMU doesn’t mean that is the mission of the site. Clan leaders from all over the world were invited to participate, but many chose not to. We try to teach people to be tougher players, but that is all.

Have you read my article on fundamentals at all? It covers many of the things you talk about without going into advanced moves.


Regarding sportsmanship, most competitive players prefer to play with a minimum of rules. It is actually the clans and various admins that try to enforce sportsman like behavior in game (no spawn killing, no killing afks, no spamming rpg/orbs/smg nades). Sportsmanship here at the U amounts to this: don’t cry when you die, you will respawn in just a second!

You are a board memeber with that sort of close minded attitude? That explains alot about this place. No worries I don’t need a site to tell me how to survive in my game. Obviously YOU do. Have a great day dieing. :laughing:

The point is this place isnt the one and only authority on all things deathmatch and your way isnt the only way. I prove that by existing.

Where do we claim that we are? The whole purpose of this site is to try to get people who still prefer to play dm together.

Unfortunately many people who come here see only what they choose to see (elitism, exploiters, anti-fun, not enough moderation, too much moderation, anti killbox, anti-low grav) but again they are missing the point, and / or mistake individual players expressing their opinion for the values of the site itself.

The attitudes of everyone here that decides to post. No one here knows what DM is about and I honestly think if you are trying to promote and train new players you are going about it the wrong way Hence the lack of support or interest in your site by anyone not in CAL or not totally new to DM. I’ve been around for a very very long time and CAL is not DM. Cal is a seperate entity and should be treated as such. Your new players think CAL is part of this game when in fact its an off shoot if the original concept and adding rules and regualtions to a game that has none and they are going out and spreading there new rules around as fact and imposing those rules on anyone that they come up against. That is absurd.

Sean: I don’t get your point here. This site is here to support HL2DM, the game.
That includes TDM, DM 1 v 1…
It is here to be a resource for players, nothing more.
You say CAL is not DM?!?!
Well it is TDM and 1 v 1 competition.
What else is it supposed to be?
Maybe you could build a DM site, where folks enter and fill a 10 man server and slug it out and results posted on the site. Nothing stops you from doing this.

The U has a training server, Trainers, demos, tips… etc.
A lot of the folks here help noobs all the time, if they want.

Maybe you could articulate what it is that you are hinting at, like Boot Camp.
Maybe you have not stated your ideas well enough, rather than the folks here are close minded.

DM, as originally intended is a server full of people, map changes, Map ends, someone has the highest score and wins, next. Nothing more.
CAL is an attempt to expand the game and this is a BAD thing?!?!?!


Hahaha this guy is just bitter with the U because no one shared his love for Tiesto

Preparing me for CAL…?
That’s odd, because I still enjoy low-grav killboxes/open maps just as much as 600 g non-killbox maps. And so on.

WT, you’re not doing a good enough job brainwashing me! Oh sure, it was a clever idea to introduce a Killbox CAL league, but you can’t fool me! No sir!

:joke: :laughing:

i’ll have what he’s having pliz

first off, HL2dm is what ever you want it to be. it means something different to every player. whether its a get home from work and chill out for a couple hours before dinner, or listen to music and play low grav pub, or just normal pub, or just play with friends, or competitive, and everything in between. CAL and warzone werent made to change the “roots” of DM, they were made so players who do like competitive style of play would have a place to do so. and last i checked NOBODY, noob or not, is forced to play in CAL or any other league, dont know why you think that. if you dont like CAL, dont play, simple as that. im not sure where this random rant came from but its kinda of rediculas. i will agree with your point that this site is supposedly meant for a resource and most of the time threads get out of hand, but again, nobody is forcing you to come here either.

i still don’t get why this guy hasn’t been banned yet.

Oh well. Ban away. Life goes on with or without this forum.

I guess someone is not allowed to make mistakes without them being flung into his face at every possible turn by some of you people. Well I appologize to those of you who can’t look past some of the hostilities of the past and listen to what I’m saying now. This post was neither hostile nor have I responded to anyone hostily without first being provoked. Perhaps I was just confused about how everyone thought of the game. A thousand appologies. Please, adults only respond instead of irrational children.

spoken like a gentleman. appology accepted in my book!!!

I come here because of a situation I came accross last night. A kid came into my server and demanded I one versus one him and when I declined he said I couldn’t “Hang anywhere but in a pub owning noob pubbers” and that I had no “Honor” and I should be “shammed” and he was very adiment about CAL being the only way the game was played. This being a haven for everything to do with CAL I assumed the source of that thinking came from here and perhaps I could shed some light on how someone could be so mis-informed. So I posted what I thought the roots of DM were to me and gave my two cents on what I thought of the U’s approach on things. And you are right, no one is forcing me to come here since I was attempting to have a rational discussion about my thoughts and idea’s. No one is forcing you to contribute.

Inferno, you,re alright by me, i’d just like to hear more this idea of Boot Camp.

Like a mega sticky with a curriculum, order of learning, techniques explained…
What is it.

I have alot of Idea’s and teqniques and tricks that I have learned in over 10 years of playing the half-life universe. I am by no mean’s ever done learning new things in this game and I’m not claiming I am the best I am just offering what I can to the table. I know what works and I know how to make it happen the most effecient way I know possible. I can break it down step by step for you and tell you what works personally for me. It will just take me some time to formulate all of my Idea’s into something easily understood and containing the points I want to get accross. I was expecting hostilities from everyone so I have not started on that project yet but I am willing and able and I have nothing but time.

you’re right, nobody is forcing me to contribute, i do it of my own free will, but i dont complain about it.