Action Half life 2 source

Not sure how many of you here may have played the original action HL mod back in the day, but I used to enjoy it and a new source version (which is still in beta) has been released. You can dl the mod over at moddb

I played for about a hour last night and had some fun games, brought back some old memories lol.

For those who don’t know about it, action half life incorporates a “action” movement where you can dive into a prone position firing your gun as you fly past doorways ect and has its own unique set of weapons. It’s really sort of a fun game when you feel like doing something different.

Action Half Life was really the best mod ever realised. (Sorry Janek, hl2dmpro will be the second then ^^)

I have seen that this topic was without any answer so maybe nobody played it but it was for me a kind of mix between HL and CS : the velocity of HL and the precision of CS in the same game.

Moreover with all the items to pick up (silencers, lasers, silent shoes) ect… it was very fun to play.

And the last thing a lot of players didnt know is the fact that this game provide the biggest easter eggs realised for a mod.

The map dm_bananaman for instance was played in a casttle where there was a chess board. Poeple were fragging on it. But actually it was a hard chess round to solve by pushing the pieces. The easter egg of the map dm_5am was even bigger than the map itself :smiley:

Well an amazing game, and I cant wait to see the source version !


did anything happen after solving the chess game?

You have played it too Maxtasy ? :smiley:

For ahl_bananaman yeah when you finished the chess game some stuff were spawning in the map and the king of the chess board was killed by a sword, like falling from the sky. Quit funny all that actually ^^

For the other maps with easter eggs it was insane. There was secret rooms and corridors with each time crazy problems who prevent you to move to the next round and you could spend days without finding out how to continue xD Moreover maps were protected from uncompiling, impossible to force spec, etc… so quite impossible to cheat ;D And even on the net not all solutions were found.

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