Active Clan list

I think it’d be nice to have an active clan/team listing
with every active team listed, for the recruitment section as a sticky. I’ve seen these on other community sites and we would do well to list them, either teams that compete in cal or just own there own pub and play there. We could post on their forums and ask them to share some info about themselves here getting more of the community here on the U would be nice. From every team.

We have started this in the Wiki. Maybe we can maintain it there and link to it.

lol Banana Llama attack BLa!

good list but i was thinking of a way of bring some of those players here and giving a bio about themselves or something along those lines…

Maybe add a website link to each of the clans who have a website.

Well the list is not done by a long shot, this is just the skeleton.

Just to let you know. It’s aXon. Big X, little A.

We also use the specialized Ҳ and afaik, we are the first ones to use it. :slight_smile:

People can still request access. If a clan wants to maintain their info I will give one person from that clan access to do so. I am not going to open to public access because someone will make a meal of it for sure.

You could give me access it for aXon. I don’t know how much punk is involved in hl2dmu, but from looking at the forums he isn’t much. lol.

I know he’s a captain or whatever for hl2dmu.

I can has EE section? :wink:

Of course guys. Send me an email requesting it and I will send back the activation info that address:

Of course I expect everyone who participates to take it seriously and not put stupid stuff in their clan page, but I don’t really need to say that, right?

Yeah you do cause my clan website is

Clan tag : [2G1C]

There’s some clans listed here and here together with links to home pages.

actually when i started making the list i made a contact with the leaders or the subordinates to get bio’s about the clans

If you want a wiki to be successful you have to have pretty open access. The cool thing about a wiki is how fast you can undo any harm. I think you should basically allow everyone to edit the wiki if they sign up for an account and its approved or moved into the appropriate group. A simple scan of changes for the day will easily tell you if you have an idiot that needs his access taken away. The more people who can edit it the faster it will get really good the less people allowed the slower it will take shape and the more will be missing.

can someone change flas tag to flaS. instead of [FLaS]? thanks

I gotcha Zman.

Thanks guys! we’re tentatively switching, but not everyone is wearing the same tag at this point lol. :laughing:

MIA - actually stands for “Maniacs In Action”… The co-founder of [MF] Misfit Force Clan, GUNLOON, was also a founder of that Clan.

[MF] Also has a Xtreme sector and cal hopeful team, tag is [MFҲ] Misfit Force Xtreme

Thank you!


You can get this one then, grape. lawl