AR2 Balls

HI all, quick question.

I can pretty much hit fast balls every time, however, I still have to wait for the ball to “charge” and fire before I can slap it with the grav gun. You know the 1 second (or whatever) delay between hitting alt fire and the ball appearing…

Well I’ve noticed lately that people are firing the fast ball and its coming out almost instantly, no lag between clicking and firing. How the hell do they do this ?

Cheers all.

ive always noticed this. same with weapon switches. some people experience the brief lag or delay, while others it seems nearly instant.

some assume the fast speedball is a script. some assume the lag-free weapons switch is some magic bullet in the client config.

lately ive seen orbs seem to push a player model to the side rather than kill them. ive seen orbs deflected back at me from a player models back. ive seen heavy one-hit-kill props bounce right off players. ive seen radiators go right through people. and ive seen all sorts of player model warpage.

i dont know if im just now starting to notice these things more or if they’re are happening more frequently for some reason.

i just chalk it up to a variety of things: different internet speeds, different client configs, different server configs, different hardware, different binds, different reflexes, and bugs.

This game has bugs :astonished:

Shall we say that its certain, known, players that do it. Well known to me anyway. its deff something out of the ordinary as there is no charging sound while the ball warms up.

Props bouncing off of people has happened forever. Wait until you get the bug where you shoot an enemy player with a combine ball, and instead of them dying from you. They suicide. :laughing:

use better rates

Ever have the one where instead of killing the player it pushes them :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote="[AgC] Flushthetoilet"]
Shall we say that its certain, known, players that do it. Well known to me anyway. its deff something out of the ordinary as there is no charging sound while the ball warms up.

well, it you must insist on this line of inquiry…

here’s two thoughts i just had (my fastorb is normal like yours).

to yo-yo, i use gg-primary/crowbar/gg/secondary = mouse1/B/mouse4/mouse2
to fastorb, i use ar-secondary/gg/primary = mouse2/mouse4/mouse1
ive never tried this, but what if i used fastorb ar-secondary/crowbar/gg/primary? in theory that shouldn’t really work. for yo-yoing, the addition of crowbar (or any other weapon switch in the correct sequence) is to cancel the timer on the gg. so it shouldnt canel the time required for an orb to charge. but with this game, who knows?

the other thought is use of the flashlight. which ive also never tried. i dont even have a bind for flashlight anymore. but cant the flashlight be used to silence the magnum? not sure if its done manually or requires a script. but im pretty certain its out there. i think there was even a thread on this site awhile back suggesting the “silent orb”. maybe the fast fastorb you’re experiencing isnt really all that much faster to initiate… maybe its just silenced while it charges and all you hear is the discharge?


Men discussing balls.

Its nothing more sinister than source’s horrible netcode. On their screen, they are getting the charge sound / delay same as ever. But if the servers poor, or your / their - rates / router / connection is jacked, theres a good chance theyll do things “instantly”; not just fire orbs, but kill you with props you seem to have caught or never see, teleport instead of moving smoothly etc.

The solution is: A mod with new netcode where the server makes sanity checks on anything the client claims its doing, updates events far more often, and doesnt contain any sort of prediction or lag compensation. Problems solved… though ever seeing such a mod might be a bit of a stretch.

yea there’s always been a delay with fast orbing, sometimes when i know i am about to die before i can fast orb. i will just simply slow ball it, if i get lucky i don’t die.

Food for thought. Cheers guys.