hi all!

as i mentioned in my introduction post, im quite new to hl2dm… but mostly on public i get bored after a while and in my community there are no hl2 players at the moment…


i really would need some training with ppl who are skilled and can bring me up to a better lvl, so if anyone has some time and the
energy for that… get it on :smiley:

what pub servers are you playing on? low grav?


i got my own servers running since a month, [ZfG] Free 4 All - & [ZfG] Classic & Funmaps -
Usually i play on them, they have standard settings, tick rate 66 and some funsounds…
if those are empty i use any server i can find…

low grav i usually dont play… i dont like it that much… :confused:

EDIT: sry just saw theres a own section 4 that… pls just move this one if its not okay here

Hello. You mentioned you are from Austria. Well most guys on this site are from the U.S./Canada so I doubt learning to play with 200+ ping would be of much benefit. Try posting on this site http://www.clans-united.net/ It is a european hl2dm league/community site, and im sure someone there would be willing to help. Cheers, best of luck to ya :smiley:

thx for your info…

i’ve heared from the CU allready… and at the moment i’m registering there… but cheez, its way off what i was expecting hahaha XD
the ping problem is indeed smth i allready worried about, maybe i cant play with most of the guys here but i allready feel more comfortable, better informed, and this site just does not give me the creeps while looking at it… but enough of praising :wink: