Bang Bang frag movie september 2010

hi everybody i present you this fragmovie i made
its my 1st Sony Vegas production i think the quality is really better than my previous fragmovies…
Im not the master of all special effects yet…:sunglasses:




Bon vue que t francais, jte fais sa en francais!
J’ai remarquer que t videos devienne de plus en plus bonnes! Donc continue a etre creatif, entraine toi d’avantage et surtout, prend ton temps quand tu edit ta video.
Maintenant, jte suggere desseyer de "Source Recorder*, c une facon beaucoup plus pratique d’enregistrer des videos que FRAPS, mais
c pas mal plus compliqué, mais quand tu ty fais, c bien et le resulat et impec.
Bref, continue ton boulot! add moi si tu vx: XzeikenX

Are these really the kinds of kills that people think should be shown in frag videos?

Holy fuck this game is dying.

I have seen a lot worse, was some pretty decent editing for a first video but some of the smoothing was unnecessary. The frags could have been better quality but who I am to judge I’m not making videos.

music 10/10
frag length 7/10, some take too long til they’re repeated fro m other pov
effects 8/10 cus i really liked the intro and i thikn u can do more in the vid itself!
frags 5/10 agani, some were funny but id rather see killing streaks and awesome new style of frags
organization, i told u, put a tag in bottom left so we know if its pub or 2v2 etc :stuck_out_tongue:
but its def an improvement from what uve dnoe so far

i bet he wasnt even eating popeye candy sticks either

@ exo-decent video m8 well done and at least you are trying!

@ ade-wtf unnamed lol on hl stats-were you on OMOS server tonight?

uhm i gave my account to someone new :stuck_out_tongue: tryin to bring ppl in this game…

lol… :laughing:
thanks for comments! i will try to find the good resolution to use for next movies

record the footage @ 1280x720