Cal to a next level

hello :slight_smile:

i have noticed that the matches are in america or south america but maybe this could grow a little more… why not make 2 tournaments 1 in europe and 1 in america and as example make 8 or 16 teams in europe and 8 or 16 in america let them compete for the season and after standings. 4 teams advances from each tournament and compete against each other till 1 team is last standing… due to high pings make it a home and out game…

that means this site will get more intrest and you got some great european players and clans that could form a great cal clan

There’s already a league for europe.

yes i know that :slight_smile:

but i watched all the call movies on this site and the skill is very high :slight_smile: not as a person but as a team… and i must say the clans united isn’t realy that dope plus you have a lot of loners in europe that have great skill but no clan maybe they can form some cool pro teams to add to this site… and start a europe season and a america or what ever continent is already playing here… to make it bigger and interesting i think the concept is pretty dope when the season end to make a kinda champions leauge and compete with each other ?? and due to pings you make it a home and out game… or servers in the middle where we both have like 60 or somthing…

This has already been discussed when clans united held the country matches and U.S. was not allowed to play. Nobody wants to deal with the ping.

Ninja Edit?: Plus, most of europe is 5 hours a head of us. We dealt with this in the HL2CTF league. I don’t think anyone wants to play matches specifically on Saturday or Sunday at 3 in the afternoon because they have to deal with the time. Almost nobody can play CAL matches at 3pm eastern on weekdays. I’m doubting euros wanna stay up until 4am their time to play a match either.

Yeah, as interesting as it sounds, there’s a bunch of logistic problems. Even within CU there’s discussions about the ping problem right as we speak. It’s a real problem when matches are decided on ping rather than best team.

Then there’s also the issue of 3on3 vs 4on4 and FF on or off. The team playing what they’re used to will always have an advantage - maybe a 3on3 with FF off could be a middle ground. Probably easier to get 3 players with good connections than 4. Aslo, if you play with high ping and lag I imagine you’re happier playing with FF off :wink:

For a champions league I’d rather suggest to take the top 4 or so teams from CAL and CU respectively. I don’t think there’s really that many skilled players seriously interested in league play in Europe that are not playing in CU. You have some, but either they’re tired of playing or have other commitments.

Regarding time differences: I guess you’d have to force CST players to play early afternoon, while Russians just will have to accept closer to midnight. If you do weekends (=Saturdays) it could be possible, but everyone has to be aware of it IN ADVANCE!

hmm you got some nice europe clans but how much clans have a real skilled team i know 4… Raw. eS. Ambush. Chazed. these clans would stand out of all the others that are out there. im not saying that the other clans have no skill dont get me wrong you got alot of loners to and alot of good players that join a friends clan… and its not that active as css cuz in europe and problably in the us to most of em play css.

my idea was more to get most of the players i know that doesn’t really have a clan and are pretty skilled with there own set of creativity and game style to form some good teams to compete with you all… and i wasn’t talking to do this in a week or a month if you give me some time i could try??

i know the time diffrence sucks and ping sucks but those problems can be solved i dont think it would be a big problem and maybe we could try first do a draft night and see how it goes…

anyway i was just trying to give it a shot :slight_smile:

Ambush and Chazed? Not in my book. And you seem to be unaware of our Eastern European buddies, but surely you should’ve heard about Hunters at least?

Anyway, I personally fear ping to be the biggest issue. Unless someone comes up with some genius solution such as finding a common grounds server, I would expect to see many matches ending 1-1, with the home team always winning their map: it’s their special map and they have the advantage of rebels on top of the low ping.

But by all means, go ahead and give it a shot. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be fun. :smiley: