Campaign to bring back PIG POPPER to Mapping

I want the dm community to back the campaign and get Pig Popper back at what he does best and start mapping again.
I know hes been into Battlefield 2 these days but his talent is wasted, i want him to make a map for the summer competition, so pls help get this sucker back in business.
Heres the link to back the campaign…cheers

haha!!! lovin it. i’m in :laughing:

Posted! Thanks for starting this! :slight_smile:

i told him he needs to come back.pig i nrrd help with that junkcity_neo_tokeyo project so your gona have to gome back :smiley:

Who is Pig Popper?
What maps he did?
Where is he from?
Where is he now?

Nowhere near this old thread.

Sup hl2dm-U, still trucking I see ^^

This is an old thread indeed, but i’m still alive :stuck_out_tongue:
Although still not thinking of returning to hl2dm,
Can’t really remeber why I bailed out all them moons ago I seem to remember some good times back then.

To answer your questions cappu

Sawth London
rolling around the battlefield BC2 servers