Can I do this?

Is it possible/legal to bind multiple keystrokes to a single command?

…like if I wanted shift+scrollwheelup to do something,
but scrollwheelup to do nothing if shift isn’t being held down

I doubt it can be set up in console, but anyone know of any external programs that can achieve this (make 2 keys behave as a third key [which I can then bind to a desired command] when pressed)?
I use a Logitech G7 and a Sony Vaio VGN-FW290 Laptop Keyboard.


i think thats a macro. some gaming keyboards have macro abilities built in. but i have no clue how to use them.

for league play, its okay to bind different keys to a single action… like scroll for jump and spacebar for jump. but when you start adding multiple actions to a single key, or multiple actions to a combined key config… its considered scripting i believe.

ya, CD is correct. mutiple keys each for a single action is fine, multiple actions to single key is not. but then again, nobody seems to give a fuck now a days anyway

well technically its not multiple actions on a single key.

in this particular case its:
shift= +attack2
scrollwheelup= +attack2 if shift is held down, nothing if it isn’t

No key is being assigned to more than one command.
Each key press executes exactly 1 command.

I dont see anything wrong with that setup. No different than programming some higher end peripherals to perform one command on button press and another command on button release- its still technically one ingame action per irl click.

2 cents: scripting more than one action to a key was illegal in cal, cal is dead. i doubt anyone will really give a shit if you do what you’re talking about, also it should be possible in your keyboard or mouse configuration driver/program if you have one, if not im sure you could google a program that would help you.

yeah seems pretty simple should be a bind and unbind script

bind shift “+sa”
alias +sa bind mwheelup +attack2
alias -sa unbind mwheelup

tyvm, didn’t think it would be that easy! :smiley:

Why not just bind +attack2 to shift?