Centered dot crosshair?

Hi there. I installed one of those hud modifications to get the good 'ol crosshair I always used (simple green dot with a black outline), but it seems to be juuuust slightly off center. It’s no big deal but maybe somebody knew some way to get it in the right spot. IIRC I had the same issue when I tried using a custom crosshair in TF2, either I’m doing something wrong or it’s a source engine thing I guess…

/rubs eyes
/shakes your hand and yells: “Someone help this guy out, please!”

Haha thanks, I appreciate the intention :]

After messing with the clientscheme.res a bit, I ended up just changing the .ttf file to another that has an even smaller dot (seems like a single pixel), and I think this one is properly centered so I’ll just go with it.