Clan hunting

Looking for a clan that can help me better my skills and more.:slight_smile: Ive been playing a little over a year and im pretty desent at the game trying to get better though but i want to get better so i need to join a beast clan like $W XD, ill try my hardest not to dissappoint the clan either :slight_smile: ill show progress promise :slight_smile:!

Go to their website and apply to join.

Lol. nah man i really doubt they want a noob like myself XD


XD lol

Maybe the Ku Klux Klan is recruiting.

No they hate me I’m mexican they would kill me XD

this nigga

Oh hi my fellow brown buddy :slight_smile:

you’re about 4 years late for β€œclans” that play this game

:frowning: that sucks well hmmm idk then XD