CMS's: choices, choices...

So i’m looking to overhaul my Clan’s website at some point in the (very near) future - the current WordPress installation isn’t exactly slick in design, and WP as a whole doesn’t offer much on the way of Clan-based widgets/plugins.

I’ve already looked at/tested:

  • webSPELL
  • ClanTiger
  • DZCP

…and come to the conclusion that the Germanic Engrish mess that they are isn’t worth my time. Couple that with the sparse development/updates - and they’re struck off my list.

I installed e107 earlier - and it’s looking very promising. It has a number of Clan/Online-Gaming plugins available, and a hoarde of snazzy templates that will only need a little Photoshop-ing to individualise. There seems to be a lot of buzz around the 'tubes about it and it’s great security - so this seems a pretty solid option.

Putting that aside though, any recommendations for better/more-suited/FREE options…? ?

Thanks, lol , but we’ve already got a forum. And a domain/webspace. And experience :sunglasses:

That’s what my gaming clan uses. Then again, there are only 5 of us

We’re using SMF for our forum at the moment, so the CMS will have to have a bridge or a facility to import the forum contents - posts, users and all. looks good for what it is - i’m not disrespecting the service at all :slight_smile:

take a look at the 911 clan site. i think its one of the best in the community. im sure Dal could lead you in the right direction too.

That’s a nice page right there… Looks like a custom job though - there’s no Copyright, etc in the footer :confused:
Definatly inspiration though, thanks… :smiley:

For a small fee since I think it has something to do with his Dad’s buisness

GTFO SPam Bitch!!!

Not Paradox.

Actually the only thing it has to do with my dads business is he pays for hosting yearly. – Those are the websites I’ve created.

Thanks for the props chem ;D

pOwah - If you need help hit me up on steam da11as_9