Could this be a sign?

Maybe trying to get some takers before they try the upgrade?

Anybody heard any buzz about this? I just found it weird that they are pushing this now…

seen a clip somewhere about a company making CS online or something apparently high graphics and added weapons basically the usual stuff they do when they re-make a game.

CS-online is made by an asian company with valve’s approval, CSO has the same graphics and gameplay as cs:cz, the only things that are different are that you don’t need steam for it and everything is in Chinese,Japanese ,etc…

And imo this isn’t a sign, Valve’s too busy with updating cs:s.
You also have cspromod, wich was the biggest fail i’ve ever seen.

they will get to us soon hopefully.

anyone down for a 1v1 on dustwo?

hopefully they will not get to us ever.

I’d rather play the game as is than with a stupid killcam, retarded achievements, and possibly ruined movement.

i wouldnt this fucking game sucks as it is cant get much worse

go play css then tell me hl2dm couldnt get any worse

guitar hero or GTFO


lol, i hope you weren’t serious that_guy, try to find ANY game that has the same gameplay as hl2dm, and if you find one tell me, then MAYBE i’ll agree with you. And don’t come up with UT3 and quake lol, its not even close to hl2dm.

well i somewhat was, i love/hate this game it has the most unique gameplay i know of it and i have yet to find a game that i like more and i alway keep coming back to play it. But then again the bugs… thats basically it lol so this is the best game i have played but consider it to other games and their support its bad

in my time offline ive been playing some quake 3 CPMA with bots and sure there are no physics, no “exploits”, no randomness, no “wtf i totally blew his head off but thanks to physics i somehow missed”. if any of you have played warsow, quake 3 CPMA is the same way as far as the movement but it has better weapons, accurate hitreg (100%) and was the inspiration for the cell shaded …thing… we call warsow. If anyone gets sick of hl2dm for any reason (I could probably give a few) I’d suggest playing quake 3’s CPMA. If I’m not mistaken, there still are tournaments (possibly with money :O) Thats probably what I’ll end up doing

Yes, and you will grow bored and you will miss us and you will come back. I am psychic btw.

no gg means you have no ggs

^slogan for hl2dmu!

Q3 is my second favorite shooter ever next to HL2DM

if the new engine fucks up HL2DM and theres no Pro Mod to fix it, it’s pretty much going to be all Q3 CPMA, with some Warsow and DMC mixed in.

There already is a pro mod of sorts. He’s working out the bugs, but I would’t count on much updates because of the lack of interest in the mod.

Just downloaded Q3, seems really cool, the maps all look awesome and some of the frag & trick jump videos out there are amazing.

Incorrect, the support of Pro mod is great, every time one of the S-UK guys has reported a bug there’s been a fix for it.

CSS is 9.99 and Dm can be had for free?!?!
“Something is reeelly reeelly wrong heya”

noticed the numbers playing CSS and those who play DM?

and as for how soon the OB update will happen:

noticed the numbers playing CSS and those who play DM?

enjoy the game.