Crosshair creation problem

I’ve been attempting to make cross hairs lately and they always seem distorted in game.
Does anybody have any suggestions?

if you only want a dot download one?

The dot is just an example it happens with all crosshairs I make.

it seems to me as if the dot in your font editor is off centered with the grid behind it. that may result in a off centered xhair in-game?

You cant use circles in font editors if you want a circle ingame. Use a thick + instead, or a pair of joined ziggurats (blocky diamond shape).

Also, make sure your new xhair uses the same midpoint coordinates as the default, or its got a good chance of ending up slightly off center- not enough to be obvious during most play, but still likely to cost you a large % of your long range mag hs. The old bullseye crosshairs were like this for years before it was noticed.

Maybe you already have it but I noticed if the fiollowing isnt added tot he clientschem.res under “crosshairs” then your crosshair can be distorted much like you expreience.

"yres"		"1 10000"

Got it.

In clientscheme.res under “crosshairs” set “antialias” “1” and remove “yres” “1 10000”
Now it shoudl look like this.

				"name"		"HalfLife2"
				"tall"		"40"
				"weight"	"0"
				"antialias" "1"
				"additive"	"0"
				"custom"	"1"
				//"yres"      "1 10000"
				"outline" "1"

Looks a little big though.

You may have to fiddle with the clientscheme.res if you plan on shrinking the size alot.

Hmm, interesting. Ill have to remember that if i ever manage to find another fps that uses ttfs for its xhairs. :laughing:

That fixed it keefy tyvm for the help!