Crosshair creation: Recommended tools?

So what do you xhair makers out there suggest?
I’ve been using one from the “Nathan’s Crosshair” pack and it’s quite nice, but could use a tweak or two
Not to mention I got a a few hundred from UT2004 that I’d like to convert over(well, not all of them)

ms paint

Unless it can handle font files(ttf), that doesn’t help much

there is a program called font creator open the the file with the crosshair with that and u can edit it.

Got that one, but the trial has expired so it won’t let me save :frowning:

It does save. instead of ctrl+S to save just exit then it asks you to save so save and next tiem you load up u see the modifications, I am on day 140 of 30 day trial and it does save.

Nice tip Keefy

GG_Loophole :smiley:

haha nice way to fool the program keefy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shhhhhh, don’t say that so loud! :laughing:

Excelent topic :exclamation: Just what I needed to outline my white and not-so-good-for-bright-areas big dot crosshair. :mrgreen:

Thx a lot.

EDIT (instead of double posting):

Now I’m confused: I opened halflife2.ttf and, not knowing much about the font editor yet, I just added a circle around the crosshair to see if I could see any change ingame. I do see a change, but rather drastic. The game resets the crosshair to the default one.

Can’t tell what’s happening here…

just download it from a torrent i found one but I’m reluctant to post the link, not sure how wt feels about posting pirated material. :mrgreen:

I know the solution is listed on this forum somewhere, but I haven’t been on here in months so I couldn’t tell ya :frowning:

We can’t have anything illegal post here. If people were to send links to each other privately by PM there is not much I can do to prevent that.

Actually, the solution to my problem was in another topic. Clientscheme file.
Now I can it no matter what.

Big bag of bobbins that app it doesnt seem to work on win7 64bits. I will stick wth font creator, they patched the latest release so now it doesnt save using that exploit :frowning:

In your Clientscheme.res file, find (under FONTS) crosshairs, and add
“outline” “1”
on the line after
“yres” “1 10000”

so it looks like

				"name"		"HalfLife2"
				"tall"		"40"
				"weight"	"0"
				"antialias" "0"
				"additive"	"0"
				"custom"	"1"
				"yres"		"1 10000"
				"outline" "1"

Voila! black outline

im pretty sure this is in nates or neo’s xhair pack you can change the xhair and it will still give u teh outline :question:

talk to neo, i gave him a xhair i attempted to make in some cheap free POS program, and he hooked it up mag niggerish style