CU playoffs starting Saturday!

Sorry guys to make so many CU topics, I think this one along with the 1v1 thread deserves its own thread however.

CU Playoffs kick off Saturday!! You may play your playoff matches starting from Saturday to next Friday. The championship games will begin next Saturday. The #1 seed plays the #4 seed (the reward of playing the lowest ranked seed for placing first in regular play) and the #2 seed plays the #3 seed. KEEP IN MIND THESE ARE TENTATIVE/LIKELY SEEDS FOR TONIGHT ONLY There may be a few mistakes ATM in Division 2, I’ll be reviewing FFW’s against spD and any made up matches that MUST BE DONE TOMORROW.

Format goes as follows. 4 seeds per division, per 3v3/2v2.

Division 1 3v3//

#1 Seed = $w
#2 Seed= em0
#3 Seed= LsD
#4 Seed= Xs

Division 1 2v2//

#1 Seed= $W
#2 Seed= em0
#3 Seed= LsD
#4 Seed= Xs

Division 2 3v3//

#1 Seed= LTTL
#2 Seed= SynBlack
#3 Seed= LsD Silver
#4 Seed= nS

Division 2 2v2//
#1 Seed= LTTL
#2 Seed= LsD Silver
#3 Seed= nS
#4 Seed= SynBlack

This thread will be updated as we go along, and changed to reflect the upcoming championship matches. Again you have until Saturday-Friday of next week to complete your playoff matches. GLHF everybody :mrgreen:

i will have to say im pleasantly surprised at this. nice job guys. glad to see we can make it thru a league season again. gl to all.

quick updates, sorry for grammer few of my keys broke while i was trying to clean them, hopefully i get a new keyboard up and running by tomorrow.

$W will seed 1 afterall in 3v3 instead, even though we went undefeated they had more overall AWR points by one point in the system by virtue of frags. Wouldnt knock it, the system is as close to fair as humanly possible in respect to rewarding people who actually play their matches and do well in them…

Division 2 is all but set in seeding, if there’s any mistakes please let me know ASAP before playoffs.

GG’s, GL and HAVE FUN!!

**>sorry for grammer few of my keys broke while i

for grammer few of my keys
grammer few


LOL touche…

anyway… post your postseason results here we are still constructing a permanent playoff/championship AWR system for season 2, in the mean time however you will just have to post them in your own thread until we get it up.

Just in case anyone didn’t know, but I believe all team captains of anyone in playoffs already do, the deadline for playoff games has been extended to Saturday due to people leaving for spring break, midterm exams for others this week ect ect.

Championship games will be held Sunday then we break for a few weeks.

Good Job Valiums.

Psssst. Look at the date.

Ohh well. What day is it?