Dallas / anticheat / efps

I did not ask for you to say if you think it flag me as a cheater, I asked what the outcome would be based on the anticheat plugin that was developed. As in what will happen not what do you think should happen.

Actually you didn’t ask any of that, the way you said it made it come off sarcastic. I figured it was that way based your recent posts of complaints about how eFPS is going to be ran.

But in any case Valiums answered your question, and by the way there is a PM option and you do have my on steam friends.

i think Dal’s response was similar to the response you would have given to somebody who questioned your authority/admin methods when you were running CAL.

You seem to be interpreting my tone over the internet which is no possible and therefore mistake prone.

Second as a person who maps and a person who runs a league you should know that it is very likely and legitimate for people to have those commands bound. That you do not or think that no one has any reason to is very odd dont you scan demos for cheaters? Don’t you use commands to see through walls and to tweak the performance of your maps when developing them? Would it not be easier just to bind those commands to keys as many people do?

And you would know for a fact that many people do bind those keys right??

Okay Fearsome, you still make no sense.

just as easy to place those commands into an easy to remember cfg Fearsome so you can just type exec haxerwatch.cfg without having to worry about accidently pushing the wrong button

I know for fact that some people do bind those keys and that no one should be banned for running them or accidentally running them unless they bypass . Which was contrary to what you seemed to think. And if an anticheat was to detect them it would be the duty of any honest admin to know this and disclose it to anyone involved in the league with fair warning.

Think of it like this I design an anticheat to ban people if they have any player footstep sounds or models replaced in their directories. This should not matter if I was on a pure 2 server but it would have banned you dallas even though you were unable to use them during league matches with sv_pure 2 enabled.

And as I said the troubling part is not so much that some random hl2dm player made that statement but that a league admin and mapper did it.

People shouldn’t have those keys bound, end of story.


It’s not like having it bound making you a cheater? There must be a better way to detect some a hacker the see what commands they use? r_drawothermodels 2 isn’t a hack. I don’t see the point banning people for it. The method of the plugin it’s questionable as it isn’t certain at all. Therefore you shouldn’t use such device as a judge of hacking as typing r_drawothermodels 2 isn’t a hack. It’s a built in cheat code, it’s not illigal to type it in. Ofc it will be if you bypass the game but typing it isn’t.

Therefore your plugin is invalid as proof of hacking, it is not constructed correctly.

To make things clear one last time. The plugin DOESN’T ban a player for typing any of those commands in console, only if they are using a LUA script to do so.

People shouldn’t have loud footsteps for rebels PERIOD.

Well for about the fourth time I’ve stated in other threads just the commands alone will not ban. You must execute a LUA script FIRST. Go try our eFPS servers and try any of the impulse or console cheats, it wont ban for it.

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