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Ye, sorry I got excited to see people I’ve been playing against for 4 years for the first time in an actual photo. You’ll also realize people don’t grow up, appearance is everything. Go to a dinner with millionaires and find out how much people care, they care more then gradeschoolers trust me.

Also if me, bahlk, blas have a LAN next summer we’ll post up our pics if anyone cares. I’ll be sure to wear tight clothes for fap material in case anyone here is gay.

God you are such a pretentious prick Valiums

As if money is everything; I’m talking about showing others respect, and showing some decency. Hanging with millionaires who seem to have everything going in life, does not mean they are what everyone should strive to be. They can be just as much of a prick as you’ve shown to be here, in this thread, and many other places.

I’m saying, just because you don’t particularly agree with Fearsome, or you may not like him, does not mean you have to stoop to those levels, of attacking him. This, is why, I am saying grow up, because it’s the kind behaviour you see most of the time in kids from grade school, who are insecure and trying to show everyone how awesome they are.

That’s all.

I love you too. Glad to see you’re still my biggest fan.

Believe me I’ve been around an invester who degraded his trophy wife right in front of everyone for a dinner joke, there’s alot bigger pricks then me once you get out in the big bad world.

someone needs to make val a tshirt…

not the biggest prick
bigger prick ------->
average sized prick
not a big prick, because size does matter


And so does spelling.

Investor* (:

Hang with the big shots you gotta know how to spell what they do :slight_smile:

I think the man in my avatar disagrees with you :sunglasses:

So if it doesn’t ban people executing the command what’s the problem with having it bound then?

People are people no matter how much money they have or dont, what religion, nationality, whatever.

I know several people that are millionares and you would never know that they have more money than God. Many of them are the most down to Earth people you would ever care to meet. There are others that the money and power go to their head and they stomp on everyone they feel are beneath them. By the same token I know people with no money that can be just as big or bigger assholes than the rich ones, and other lower income people that would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it.

Money or the lack of it has nothing to do with personality or heart and for the most part it doesnt change who you are although I am sure there are some exceptions.

There is none. This thread was basically a useless pissing arguement between dal and fearsome even though I believe Fearsome already had his answered question well before this thread.

@para, I didnt mean to generalize like that, yes its very true the upper class isnt full of soulless people. I’m speaking from my own personal experiences about appearences when my dad dated the former executive vice president of Rockwell corp. that the dinners we went to people would judge you on how your fucking pocket square was folded or how you held your silverware. I still hold to my guns I’ve never met some more soulless, heartless people then some of those people. But hey, after some painful lessons if anyone needs tips on when sport jackets with gold buttons are appropriate or not, or why 2 button coats are more fashionable then three button coats give me a hollar son.

Exactly lmao.