Deathmatches Cineplex

Here we are, I hunted down most of the majorly known vids and I’m gonna attack the video section here as well to get others but if you guys could help by pm’ing me links to others so I can have them in this single post so its not a hunt to find all of them through a few pages

YTvKjv4rHrI ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ HL2DM - MORE THAN A GAME 2 (part 1 of 2) by A-Master¹
-4ki2q1lBwE ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ HL2DM - MORE THAN A GAME 2 (part 2 of 2) by A-Master¹
FXSl9ZlDJHE ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Game Over $anctuary Warriors by [~$W~]
VjfnNPsGelM ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Dark Files by Dark Soul
4I2T5kC2O_k ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Dark Files 2 by Dark Soul
PEtogj0RmZ0 ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Unwonted by Onti
FRb3mgNCiD8 ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Unwonted 2 by Onti
nooSdOJpWwU ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Edges Frag Video by Edge
NHyBceyjLb8 ^^^—HD/HQ Link–^^^ Edges Frag Video 2 by Edge
sOsEpME6G5o ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Rise Up by |911|
iVmLRskmzn0 ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Master Vik The Movie byMaster Viktory
gPX23GvbNi8 ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Finality community frag video by Holy moly
cApf9Afx2ns ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Experience HL2DM by Netrex pt.1 by Netrex
llxm65v2JeU ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Experience HL2DM by Netrex pt.2 by Netrex
xOZ0ZIgpU5k ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Crashed | HL2DM Fragmovie by Team Pwnstars
MTnBvnTgmsA ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ HL2DM Frag Video: Palinoia (part 1) by Poconut
SW1fLa_Rh1k ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ HL2DM Frag Video: Palinoia (part 2) by Poconut
i6-tL2ym_w4 ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ HL2DM - dONut iS a Pti Keup0n Remix by dONut
_vJ7ry9kqxE ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Rude HL2DM by dONut
ZcUz5x_6F-8 ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Ninjins Back in the day by Ninjins
wEcsOUHRdUs ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Addicted to Kill by Jerk
kX1QIo0N0Io ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Blow Me Away by Modal
a4cII2ktOSU ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Unfinished Community Video by Onti
Ndne8w3co7A ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ 911 CAL League Highlights 2 |911|
mzQc37_8RPA ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Rebels of Source by Team.|Ros
OL2tk0pXKx0 ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Will: the movie by RDC
kIgKD2ib9J0 ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ {LsD} Cal League Highlights LsD.
YeVAmG6Jixk ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Just Cant Stop by t3rribl3on3
TEmPMsdNRF4 ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ EFF-KULT HL2DM PredictedJaeger
M6N9AdDJfAY ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ PiPiCasSo
drgTgQs-ZTA ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ HL2DM PiCasSo PiCasSo
Kw6Yy_l6_sM ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ HL2DM Frag Video by kamus
nBNRqCmOZWo ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ After Hours by t3rribl3on3
rxV_dLq4U4U ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Bang Bang by Exodus
GOeeRoFrtxE ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Exoplanet by Exodus
WeCWMH5qqFQ ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Lockhazard by Exodus
4QgMQw4yLTo ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ For Mother Russia by Sentre
uHwfaW2z_EM ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Beyond by Shonty
-8zDttCMMMU ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Legend by Shuz
KrE8KztWfjg ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Light Breaker by V1shty
rXjjEogCzO4 ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Dark Breaker by V1shty
ihspl9XsKak ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Owned by V1shty
G-WCjqfRg3U ^^^—HD/HQ Link—^^^ Tears Fall by Theduchboy --------- Nubz can play by DarkHeAd --------- I Come by DDF --------- HL2DM done by Drag0? --------- Art of War by Cyn^ --------- Dingle Chronicles by dingle --------- Flac by Half & kinieda The Advance by No Fear by SND for RaW

Shouts of thanks go out to SND, Charles, DJ, Ezeckiel

n1 m8 :smiley:


Sticky and or add the youtube links to the downloads section I am sure soem peopel wont want to DL a 600MB file I know I dont.


Aw no jaegr

His video was kind of important (historically) imo and introduced me to Bittersweet Symphony :stuck_out_tongue:

pls delete here and add to this post: or in same category and subcategory and NOT in the cafeteria…

Cafeteria is for anything HL2DM related and as far as SND’s post goes I’m getting assistance from him as well, I started the same project 4 months before he did in the Officers section on these forums as well as Onti starting up a channel for the U and me getting permissions from several movie makers to host there vids on the channel I don’t think this needs to be moved and I will be giving out cred as I usually do In anything I do I’m still grabbing more vids and links so theres more to come. Also does anybody Read the Giant Bold text???

Great Idea! Stuck is noice.
Most all these are enjoyable.

I didn’t realize that there were so many frag videos for Deathmatch, nice work finding them :wink:

Never saw this post…because it wasnt in the cafeteria.