Demo Smoothing

So I followed this guy’s advice exactly - - but once I hit okay, load the demoname_smooth, go to the starting tick of the smooth, and hit resume, the smooth doesn’t play. The first person demo plays just like the original demo file did. Any ideas fellow frag vid creators?

It’s been a while for me but this taught me the first time and I did get it working,

you still in drive? that got me confused most of the time.

let see if I can remember this.

  1. Load the demo
  2. Jump to time frame you want to the point you want smooth (using ticks)
  3. click ‘drive’
  4. click ‘smooth’
  5. click ‘reload’
  6. Enter start and end tick (make start tick 100 tick before you want to smooth)
  7. click ‘select’
  8. click ‘show original’ then ‘pause’ as quick as you can
  9. Make same tick on both demo playback and demo smooth
  10. By using left mouse button and movement keys position the first camera (for enhanced positioning lower playback percentage)
  11. click ‘make key’
  12. forward both smooth and play back tick and make sure they are the same
  13. position next camera and click ‘make key’
  14. repeat 11-12 until you are finished with camera placements
  15. enter 10 in edge tick this then click ‘edge’>‘both’
  16. click process ‘spline angles’ click text box then 'spline origina’l then ‘smooth select angle’ and ‘smooth select orginal’
  17. click ‘save’ then ‘ok’
  18. load filename_smooth
  19. jump tick to start of smooth
  20. click ‘drive’
  21. click ‘smooth’
  22. done 5-8
  23. now position you self where you want the camera to look at ( camera is the green box)
  24. ensure tick are the same and click ‘make target’
  25. move tick forward and make next look point
  26. repeat until finished
  27. enter in ‘edge tick’ 10 then ‘edge’> ‘both’
  28. ‘process’> ‘look at points’ then click text box then ‘process’> ‘look at spline points’
  29. click ‘save’ and ‘ok’
  30. load filename_smooth_smooth jump to start of smooth and record

hope this helps. demo smooth in hl2dm is buggy so it not so straight forward as css. If demo does not smooth from the original try again.

Thanks for the help guys! I got it working. Just putting the final touches on my frag vid and then it’s rendering time. The first render will probably be a test one. If there are any bugs that I missed in the pre-rendered version, the video release date will be delayed. Then again, nobody really knew that I was going to actually make a frag video, so it’s not like anybody will be disappointed if I push it back a little.

I bet you didn’t know I’m doing the ewR vid right now with footage of yours.

Mind blown

Bricks have been shat all over dis bitch.

Also, about that video. Sorry that we never got that ball rolling. I had already recorded all my clips that I wanted to use, and I didn’t write down any ticks. I didn’t want to go through my demos again. It’s okay though, everyone visualizes being ewR in their dreams anyway.

Yeah I knew you had avi’s and I really did contemplate a way to get them from you, but I got enough grain to go around from my old dusty demos, I’m going to be set.

Right on hombre.