dm asylum

This HL2DM level was designed as a mid 20th century abandoned lunatic asylum, using real locations in both England and the US as reference.

The level was built first and foremost with competitive game in mind, featuring close quarter areas and more opened ones, control points and choke points.
It is large enough for 3v3, 4v4 and pubs while fast and properly connected, hopefully to do well for 1v1 and 2v2 matches as well.

The layout consists of two main areas connected with a long L-shaped hallway while several interconnections “criss-cross” between the different rooms.
Of the two main halls one contains a Supercharger and is in proximity to several power weapons (AR2 + CB, Mag, Xbow and an RPG in the underground level) however is rather remote by design
while the other main hall contains an AR2 + CB, SMG Nade, a Healthcharger and a Suitcharger in it. The AR2 and CB in the second hall are placed on a balcony, over watching the room.

The RPG in this map was designed hard to get while avoiding the use of “punishment” or timer systems; it is simply located at the end of a long underground hallway.
There are two ways to get to it: one is through a floor break inside the Supercharger room, the other is a ladder at the farther end of the hallway.
Two ways of getting out: one is the ladder and the other is prop-jumping back to the Supercharger room.
Unfortunately for the player choosing this option, the only prop available is a prison bed which is poor for prop jumping further enforcing the purpose of the RPG design.

The two far ends of the map appear to be mainly connected by the long L-Shaped hallway, however the available interconnections make it redundant, or the REAL “secondary route” if you will.
It does not contain any weapons / ammo you wouldn’t find elsewhere, apart perhaps from the one CB. Other than that, you will find in it frag grenades and a Crossbow.
All pickups in the L-shaped hallway are on its upper level, a Lockdown style catwalk.

Map Properties:

Player Spawn count - 17

Weapon count:

3 - Magnum
2 – AR2 riffle
4 – Crossbow
3 – Shotgun
1 – RPG
1 – SMG
15 – Frag Grenade

Ammo count:

1 – Ammo Crate (Frag Grenades)
1 – Ammo Crate (SMG ammo)
4 – Magnum Ammo
3 – AR2 Ammo
5 – Orb
2 – Crossbow Ammo
2 – Pistol Ammo
4 – SMG Ammo
6 – SMG Grenades
3 – Shotgun Ammo
1 – RPG Rounds

Pickup count:

10 – Armor
13 – Healthkit
2 - Healthvial
2 – Health Charger
2 – Suit Charger
1 – Super Charger

Prop count:

55 – Physic props
38 – Respawnable Physic props: both explosive barrels as well as wood crates

I will be releasing the map primarily as a RC version to avoid renaming it as much as possible. Once the judges approve the current version I will post a DL link.


Very nice, well deserved! Can’t wait for release!

Valar ur a fuckin tease, jk/

Hey pern, wheres the ar… its not respawning!

this deserved to win and it did, allelujah

looks very nice. Lockdown hax though with the ceilings lmao.

jerk :laughing:

looks nice gj :wink:

we have gladius out to dl…i’m itching to play asylum…when it coming our way m8… :confused:

holy PM’d me saying there’s already dm_asylum so we need a new name. i’ve made a poll with name options here. please go ahead and vote for the name you like best.



i like dm_delirious :sunglasses:
poll votes

I think dm_insane_asylum would be pretty cool, based on your description of the map.

Also, I thought dm_insanity was already taken…I could be wrong though. Regardless of the possible fact, F***ing amazing job on the map!!

thanks man.
let go and vote for a name guys. i would really love to move on with it.

i like thes 2

then vote

[quote="[EYE] Valar"]
then vote


This map makes me cum… Nice work Valar! :party:

p.s. i voted

Dm_Asylum is in last beta before release.
You’re all invited to come in and provide your insights, inputs, ideas, crits and whatever if you think anything should be considered for the final version.

Download available here

The map is running 24-7 on my NY pure 1 server
pswd: hl2dm

This is NOT THE FINAL VERSION. playing this on a pub is not advised. pub owners, please do not upload this to your servers. thanks!

Last note: first glance is nice and all but any serious input can only come from actual gameplay. if you’re thinking of posting your inputs, your most welcome but please, do so after you’ve scrimed on it.

Thanks everybody.