DM MineLab rc7

rc7 is the latest release candidate (12/2011)
tl;dr Check out the screenshots below, and [u]download the map here[/u]. Also, level overviews here and here.

Oh hai!
[u]Download the map here[/u]
This map started about a year ago, as dm_mineral. After the “update,” I decided to give it another try.

Big thanks go to haymaker and The New Guy for their suggestions. I think there is much more to be done with this map,
but I’d like people to play it, get lost in it, get pissed off at it, etc., etc…

This map is suitable for 2v2. The basic areas of the map are the lab, outside/yard, basement, and caves.
Supercharger is located in the lab. RPG is located in the RPG cave.

About RPG:
There is a radioactive slime pit into which the player must dive, in order to retrieve the RPG from the grotto (see screenies).
When a player is about halfway through the slime, an alarm will alert opponent(s) that someone is going for RPG.
A different alarm will sound when the player is coming back out of the hole.
Near the RPG hole is a monitor and button hazard. This can be used to fish out RPG campers. When you press the button,
a laser in the grotto will fire – followed by hella explosions. The player in the RPG grotto will have about 2 seconds
from the sound of the laser wind-up to get out of the grotto.
Also, there are several monitors throughout the map, so people can see if someone is camping in the grotto.

Note: In this version, spawn points are marked by green circle decals.

Entity List

14 Spawn points

3 Crossbows
2 Mags
4 Shotguns
5 Frag nades
1 Ar2 pulse rifle

2 Large mag ammo
2 Regular mag ammo
1 Ar2 ammo
3 orbs
4 crossbow ammo
2 SMG ammo
4 SMG nades
2 RPG ammo
5 Buckshot
1 Crate of nades
1 Crate of ar2 ammo

Health, Armor, and Chargers
10 Health kits
4 Health vials
5 Armor
2 Health chargers
2 30-suit chargers
1 Supercharger


1 Radiator
2 Roller spikes
2 Granite rocks
1 Wood pallet
5 Wood crates
2 Regular explosive barrels
4 Small explosive butane cans


Lab, on supercharger side:

Lab, facing supercharger:


RPG Cave:

RPG grotto:

Yard, near ar2 cave entrance, and basment entrance:

Ar2 Cave:


Great map overall, threw it on my server as well.

nice one beef :slight_smile:

Excellent 2v2 map is Excellent.
Considering how crappy maps like caverns and lockdown were used for 4v4, this map could also easily do a 3v3 and maybe a 4v4.

It may be “too fast” for a 4v4, however. On the other hand, it has more weapons and more space than that of Caverns.
Beef also did an excellent job balancing the props.

Kudos good sir, and it was a pleasure to provide the feedback.

So caverns is bad now?

I told you .ewR hated me, didn’t I?
and yah, Caverns is better than lockdown, but when compared to the new maps springing up, it starts to fall very short.

And I mean… like…
Even caverns has a bit too many props and lacks weapon balance, but alas, I was not around to help that mapper - so whaduya expect?
A few tweaks and caverns would be first-class-rape map; I am talking a fucking British Negro Rape with gold braces and platinum monocle kind of map.

Lockdown’s theme and overall strategy is fine, but that one needs a complete rebuild from scratch.

yaface, also u mum could use some vaginal rejuvenation.

I love how new guy thinks he knows everything about mapping…but anyways, nice map.

imho Lockdown would be interesting w/ an ar2 in backmag instad of mag and a mag in baths idk somewhere just because those chokepoints are a bitch and people just love lining up mag in long narrow hall or at charger in for ez kills.

da1 can u do this for lockdown_r7 :smiley:? or possibly for testing sake.

I could, but there will be no point in going to bathrooms now cause you will be able to get all of the weapons from front mag on back…

On the other hand beef, I like the blue caves, way better than yellow :slight_smile:


Thanks, everyone, for the comments so far! (Yes, da1, teh blue is teh sexy!)

Sorry, guys… I was going to add a teleport that would take players to a random version of lockdown, but New Guy talked me out of it… :cry:

I didn’t like the design or gameplay to.

Cavs owns.

Updated! [u]See above[/u].