dm_ob_attack_house_tsgk: Converted/Highly Polished

Map Name: dm_ob_attack_house_tsgk
Developer: gtamike_TSGK

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This house map is like no other house map you have ever played for Half Life 2 Deathmatch.
Below is some information spilt up to in brief sections, so read the areas that interests you most. :wink:

It’s a nice sunny day and the house looks fairly normal from a quick glance, until you
have a closer look around. Inside there’s lots of blood, dirt, TV’s sparking and wall
paper damaged. Then you will start to notice there’s alot of death around you, dead
bodies in the bath/freezer, burnt skull in the fire place, someone in a picture killed by
sharp spikes and a hanging body in the tree near by. Also many traps that surround
the house that has been used and still can be manually activated from a press of a button.
Welcome to Attack House let the Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch Begin!

Attack House has been highly tweaked to be balanced and have fast gameplay.
The weapons, health and suit items have been well placed so you have to keep
moving around the map, this gives the map good flow and cuts players that camp
down. There’s loads of escape options you can use if you’re under heavy fire,
e.g. open doors, jumping out of windows, using near by air vents and some teleporters.
Every side from the outside of house gives options to jump onto the house.
Here’s a video to show some of the jumps you can pull off ingame.

There are lots of things the player can interact with that gives the map character and
makes it more memorable. E.g. pressing the door bell, flushing the toilet, fully
working radio, a mask that follows and slowing regenerates health, explosive drink
cans that spawn from a vending machine, canisters that fly’s around the map when
the player shoots caps are shot off, even killing the pond fish and much more!
There are some secrets in the map that adds to the fun and can be used to change
your playstyle. One example would be the hidden teleports in some walls for quick
getaways if you need them. There’s some hint poster messages around that gives
you a good idea how to find secrets, like in radio room to use for your advantage and fun.

I’ve spent along time giving this map a good level of polish. From making the walls,
tiles and water reflecting perfectly how I want them to with well cubemap placement
and the right settings. To small things like adding much more detail to the textures for
when people look up close and a new remade sun. Also dust to the lights inside the
house with good light sprites and overall lighting to the map. As well as other effects
like color_correction (**<—**needs to be enabled in video options) and other graphical
improvements I have made. The map has been fully optimized so new effects will not
have any big impact on frame rate. Don’t forget to enable the new ob multi core
feature in video options to take advantage multi core rendering and better fps boost.

PICTURES (Click For High Res!)

Enjoy and feel free to add comments! :sunglasses:


Added colour correction (graphics) 
Map has better optimization 
Added improved sun (graphics) 
fix gnone hit boxs (works on ob engine now) 
fixed GTA texture (works on ob engine now) 
sounds fixed (works better on ob engine now) 
Hint messages so people can understand fun things better 
improved detail textures (graphics)
Map had alot more polish (graphics/features) 
secirt text in radio room 
cat makes sound if hit and if player is near by
spark trap respawns after 100 secs when enabled
set fade for some models/weapons/overlays (helps frame rates)
door bell is louder 
NEW texture folder inside .BSP so you don't get texture errors on map change! 
get out of water easy (can walk out and jump) 
prop clip teleport in garage so things don't get stuck in wall
stone stand near burnt wood area to jump on 
The shower door will always open even if things are in the way blocking
shower door has more damage if blocking door
Grass texture has a detail texture
another way into the burnt wood area place (stops campers inside) 
fade map in on map load 
way out of the spike trap room (save me button)
another teleport added
new ladder near garage area
hev spark trap improved (can't pick up etc) 
use me sprite on text hev spark trap 
new sounds added
Fixed minor bugs 
Also some other tweaks, fun things and improvements added

Crash Bandicoot Mask In Half Life 2 DM (Aku Aku)


Here’s some (not all) new features that the map has. :slight_smile: