dm_ob_nightmare_church_rc2 (2013)

This is a detailed map church map that is designed for Deathmatch Gameplay. (Build Time Over 10 months)
The map has good flow and it’s hard to get lost because the map layout is connected very well.

The types of things to keep an eye open for (Hints) to help you find hidden things/secrets/easter eggs etc are listed below.
Glowing sprites, flashing sprites, glowing/moving textures, half see through walls, text that says press use, gravity gun sprite
means you can pick up the object, small decals/sprays that looks like arrows pointing to somewhere or a green/yellow man
decasl/sprays on a wall are a few examples.

[Map Update: March 30th, 2013]

    • Map Version Release: RC2
  • Fixed CRASH Bug! if Models were set to “LOW” in Video Options.
  • Added 4 new models for extra details.
    (Decapitated head, Skulls, Gargoyles, Bucket)
  • Optimized the new models to prop_static for performance.
  • Improved some textures that looked too low res.
  • Improved some of the past features so they work better.
  • Made the hidden ladder more easy to see/find for players.
  • A few new features e.g. flying Bats out of the sewer.
  • Added another arrow decal pointing to ivy ladder.
  • Updated the Shower with hands/arms displaying on the glass.
  • Also lots of general tweaking improvements and a few minor bug fixes.

  • Screenshots:

Have Fun Exploring and Killing Each Other!

Wow man looks great