dm_riposte | map by mon4rch

Last final version>

remade rpg room and lightning, all textures defects dont matta

Hello everyone!


map is based on DM-Rankin
I was trying to make a good playing map, mostly for clanwars. I didn’t try hard on visual and beautiful construction.
Started 22.07.2009, 17:24 - ended 12.12.2009 12:12.
Thanks to all guys helped me and alpha-beta testers.

  • lich
  • swot
  • resist
  • and others

Thanks to for some help too

Merry Cristmass!!!

This looks do-able

Looks nice but the file download seems to be corrupt :frowning:

dload works fine for me.

u can also download from here

Had a look, map’s very nice :slight_smile:

Nice map geometry - your enemy cant hide for a long time, coz there are a lot of ways to every room, map has a rly arcade game style. Also i’ve found some crazy xbow ricoshets. But there are a lot of batteries in one place, same with ammo and impact nades. Vice versa with orbs - i’ve found only one. Map needs a bit more work with objects on the map - those radiators drives me mad after 10 minutes of gaming, you should add something else. Dont like the way you hide the rpg on the map - players can get rpg really easy and then make a quick run to charger, so the most battles happens in this area.
7\10 for me, nice done, just needs a bit more work with balance and objects.

Nice effort, I can imagine it would be a fun ffa in its current state.
From my initial run about I’d say it would need some weapon / item balancing BUT i aint lpayed it with others yet.

A few things i noticed :

Love the doors but I noticed some odd things such as the nodraw efect to the left of this 1 and a wierd indent to the right.
Looks like the complex brushwork went funny on compile, could fix if bothered by it.

er… no.!
put it somewhere else :stuck_out_tongue:

In general I found teh lighting to harsh, maybe consider using some spotlights, adjusting the tone, varying the tone within the map.
I also disliked the way teh light sat with these niec light backgrounds you made, I guess coz they are func_detail’d or maybe the texture but they stand out as odd somewhat.

Texture alignment :Z (small point I know :slight_smile: )

In general I found a few areas with very low ceilings, preventing some jumps.

These details are great but func_brush em and make never solid (Consider doing the same for teh doorway brushes) Makes life a lot smoother during play.

Apart from that I found teh textures to be a bit drab, shinneyer ones may add to the feel of the map seeing as its kinda non-specific.

Amazing fps, I don’t know how you guys manage it sometimes

Anyway nice map, keep at it

Pig Out!!

Thanks a lot for everyone, staring playin it and learnin hammer we’ll find some better positions for items and ill remake it for the best i can do

remade rpg room and lightning, all textures defects dont matta

lol “Warning this is not Vodka…Seriously”

Structure looks interesting, I havent downloaded it yet to look at it but I will. One thing I do notice is that there are a lot of areas where across map shots are possible because alot of areas are so open. Not sure how people will feel about using the map for a league with that.

I come here only when i’m in need and I neglect to see what ppl are doing mosty… :\

Man great work! I remember that map when it was an infant :mrgreen: it looks great. I gotta give it a try.
Even tho you say you didn’t try hard on the looks, from the pics I can say it looks rly good.

I know you know I love the layout and movement flow, so no point in repeating myself :smiley: oh, I just did… :mrgreen:

Ur dirty basterd :laughing: if u didnt help me, that would never release

I’m glad I was of some help :smiley:

Last final version>

I was very glad when I saw the final version pic,
'cause I played utd for a long time in 2v2, and it was very interesting in gameplay for me, but this map had poor design.

I was disappointed when I had a look on final vers. in game.
Map became too closely, it was better with bright textures. I think it would be better if you will place “white brick” texture instead of red brick, plus some rusty beams and any carcasses for the contrast.

And sunny skybox will also improve ur feelings on the map :slight_smile:

i was tryin to do this

white brick sounds interesting… maybe ill do it