Hello everybody!
I started this map 2 weeks ago as a middle-sized building with two floors, that was my original idea. I wanted to create something
that will offer fast and good gameplay for 1v1 and 2v2, and something with unusual appearance, a fresh theme. I chose the wooden style, because I have never seen any HL2: DM map in this style.
I wanted to use rocks like an environment, but the textures I chose didn’t look much like rock but more like salt.
That’s where the name “dm_saltmine” comes from.

This map is for fast 1v1 and 2v2 in a bright and open environment. Enjoy it!^^


Some technical facts about the map:

Spawnpoints: 9


357 - 2
ar2 - 1
crossbow - 2
grenades - 8
rpg - 1
shotguns - 3
smgnades - 2
combine ball - 2

Amount of props: few

Gameplay: The map plays a little bit like a small version of lostvillage with this open rpg and the well connected areas. The control points are most likely the rpg area and the open area with the ramp. in the back part of the map you will find granades, an ar2 and a ball. the supercharger is in a rather save place but rpgs can be guided into it.

Download latest version:

thanks :smiley:

looks awesome man. lovin that floor texture. downloading it now. will give feedback when i play it. nice work tho!!

Played a few 1v1’s on it along with a 2v2.
I’d personally like more props, but I really dig the map overall, lots of good ricochets.


I fixed a lot of things that people told on CU forum, made some design improvments,
and changed balance. Now it looks tasty, plays interesing, and became drug-like.


Very nice map! It plays great with 4 players or 14! We have had it up on our [FF] servers for awhile now and there are many compliments! Keep up the great work, you are a talented mapper!

Thanks for all