Since this was a map idea I’ve actually felt like finishing, here are some screens showing the rest of the map off.

I’ll be releasing a beta test soon I promise.

Once again sorry the screens are so dark, I’m still working on the lighting, but more importantly to me, the weapon layout at the moment.


I need extreme competition criticism. I know the lighting is bad. Theres still a few areas I dont even have sources for which there is lighting. Im more or less worried about the weapon layout and overall flow.


i think this looks great keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Looks good Tiggy keep it up.

I remember you posted this map forever ago.

ya man, that map looks kick ass. nice work. when is the release date?

the overview reminds me of caverns. should be sweet! :smiley:

Looks nice.

It’s had to comment on layout from screenshots but it seems you didn’t fall for the mapinnabox-trap, so it feels OK!

One tip: Don’t rely on lighting for color. Having blue and green and red lights everywhere, without any apparant reason, just makes it look like some kinda depressing 80ies discotheque. Rather use consistent lighting, white (but with subtle shades of yellow and blue for atmosphere).

To keep navigation and recognizability for each area, replace the gray walls themselves by more interesting ones. You could also experiment with lighting styles, like using lots of little spots, floor-mounted lights, sky, etc…

Thanks for the feedback!

Well unfortunately I dont want my map looking like a texture horror fest so I tried to blend textures into the next areas so that it actually looks good. Some people can pull off random ass textures on every wall and have the map still come out right. (dm_caverns_r1) So yeah, I tried to actually have it look like a decent map as far as artistic styles go. The lighting is there for atmosphere. It’s also to help differentiate the areas (not that it would be that hard, I designed it in a way so that should be rather easy anyways.) But yeah I’ll see if I cant leave the lights at more of a whitish yellow. Im still not sure how I’d have regular white light coming from the sources themselves and have atmospheric blue or red lighting in the same area without having a blue or red light source.

Once I fix some of the bland areas and fix my ceiling lights to look right, I’ll release a beta.

The hardest part about this map is the damn weapon layout. I can never find one that I think will work. So I should probably just stick with the one I have and see what everyone else thinks first.

Looking very nice, will be interesting to see the layout at a closer look soon.

look nice and fast, good job :slight_smile:

to continue reaper47’s line of thought watch out for misaligned textures, ie that vent-strip in pic1

hard to say without running around around but looks like the railings might cause a bit of frustration here and there, but perhaps you’ve figured that into gameplay ideas

Whats wrong with the vent texture? Are you talking about how it doesnt align with that opening on the upper left?

Unfortunately whilst making this map and changing so much through i have alot of bad unit sections. Had I actually planned this map out thoroughly I’d be sticking to measurements of 8. walls would be 128 units high etc. Well come to think of it most of my walls are exactly 128 units according to textures, but the width may not be correct to units of 8. Shouldnt cause too much of a problem. More so of a problem if I had to fix that. lol. Theres absolutely no way I’d be able to get the entire map into units of 8.

I like the looks of it so far, can’t wait to play a new map! :slight_smile:

Cover stuff like this with some little func detail trims etc :smiley:

Looks like a nice free flowing layout, also can’t wait to have a play on it with some people.

looks really nice man!!!


Tiggy when I get a chance, I will download it, put it on my server and take a look.

Is this your first map? If so this is probably the best “first map” I’ve ever seen, I totally dig the layout! Really nicely done, beats the shit out of my first map.

I can’t comment on item placement too much, cuz I’m not great at that stuff, seems fine to me. Maybe the rpg doesnt need to be so deep, there’s so many twists and turns locally anyway, idk. And personally I am not a fan of climbing boxes to get somewhere, you could leave the boxes and put a playerclip ramp, I don’t think I would ever try using the boxes if I had to climb them in a game.

My main suggestions are aesthetic, you are so close to getting it to the next level, it would be a shame not to pay attention to a few details here and there.
-my biggest concern is your texture usage, pleez spend a bit more time there, it will be worth it…ie that vent texture is a must do; you have dirty walls on clean floors; why is there grass inside there by the orb? ( dirt? ); putting a garage door would answer why that big pipe is inside the building there; etc
-I know you’ve mentioned lighting not being finished but it occurred to me it would facelift the big cavern to replace the ceiling with skybox, have the light_env come in at 75 deg or so

Anyway sorry for the long post, but I am really impressed by the flow and performance of it, it really isn’t a lot more work to put a bit of spit and polish on it. I’m not a detail freak but a certain level of professionalism will be something you will be glad to look back on later

This is my first -released- map to any public. I have other maps I played around with just to learn hammer and a few people actually saw them. I may release them for poops sake just to hear what I already realize I did horribly wrong with them.

Dont worry about the long post. I wish it was longer even. This was exactly what I was looking for upon releasing this beta.

Originally the map didnt have those boxes that you “climbed”. Only reason I eventually put them there was actually not even intentional to climb them. It was just for looks really. I mean of course you can still climb them if you wish, it’s just a pain in the ass. Or may possibly get you killed just to take a shortcut instead of going up those stairs. I intend on leaving those boxes there or possibly more towards the middle of the room to keep people from thinking its supposed to be a smooth path to the top. I will not player clip ramps up the boxes for that is deceiving.

I will take a lot of your advice into consideration and play with those ideas a little bit. The RPG room/waterhole will end up triggering a sound when you touch the water and due to how cramp that entire area around RPG is, I’ll end up shortening the hole like you suggested so that its not impossible to get due to the fact that by the time you hear someone go for rocket you can already be down there countering them.

As far as textures go, I’ve gotten mixed reviews. Some still say to totally randomize the textures for the sake of knowing where they are in the map. Easily recognized areas ETC. The way I see it is if you cant figure out the layout of this map within say, the first 10 minutes of wandering around, you’ve got serious problems and should be playing the map in a match to begin with. So with that said, I will put effort into the textures and trying to theme the place. Meaning I’ll have alot of repetitive textures for sake of the theme itself. I’ll be releasing a b2 soon for a better play test and possibly get a few people to 1v1 on it so I can see how it flows and controls.

“-I know you’ve mentioned lighting not being finished but it occurred to me it would facelift the big cavern to replace the ceiling with skybox, have the light_env come in at 75 deg or so”
Thank you for the suggestion. My original design had that and I didnt like it then but I really put alot of thought into having a few skyboxed areas and it seems like it must be done. my only problem is making the ceiling a skybox texture or creating a higher skybox ceiling for the sake of smg nades not just disappearing instantly. That part is up in the air still. (lol)

Last but not least:
“ie that vent texture is a must do”
Do you mean keep that texture or do away with it? Find something else?

Once again I thank you GREATLY for the feedback. Now if only others could do the same…

Updated Screenies:

As you can see I’ve changed some more of the lighting, toyed with some different textures, and added more gameplay and details.

I’ll have the b2 up soon.

Wow. what a change and what improvement. good job man! i love this. keep it up.