Don't think its been done on here.

Is there any way possible that this site could provide an area for each user in their profile to have a link to their steamid page?

You can probably list the web page for your steam id where it says website on your profile

in the admin cpanel for phpbb3 there is an option to add custom profile fields. WT or Keeper could probably take care of this.

Good idea too!

I have considered this, but I just havent come up with the perfect solution, nor have I invested time into trying to implement it. I saw one DOD forum where they had a nice graphic in each persons profile showing their steam ID and linking to their community profile.

I do like this idea though. I was even considering making steam ID mandatory for all registering here, but that would exclude people who are considering installing the game.

Or those with multiple accounts. :wink:

or those people who are PC tards that have trouble accessing Hard Drives wouldnt be technically Inclined enough to register

nice bump :sunglasses:

this is a pretty good idea, i think an even better idea based on the same principle is to have links to players steam pages on the CAL site, on their rosters. would be a good way to get ahold of the other team, the friend link can always be deleted after wards