driver issue

ok, here’s an issue i have never encountered in all my time working on PC’s. i recently installed the GTX460. i manually removed the drivers for my old card, went in safe mode used driver sweeper to get rid of the drivers windows leaves behind, ran a defrag, installed the new drivers and everything is good. here’s the issue, on start up, (not every time, but atleast 50% of the time) the drivers have unistalled themselves leaving me with a fucked up screen with windows trying to use the card with no instuctions. i have to reinstall the drivers. anybody have experience with this b4?

Just use an older driver. It’s some weird driver deal that isn’t worth worrying up.

I cant say that i have seen that particular problem but its worth figuring out, cause the new drivers for nvidia are geeeeewwwwwwd, so good.

Well, they ain’t no good if they don’t work with your system. I have seen that NVidia Desktop manager was causing problems. You can actually delete this portion. It worked for me.

If your computer is doing startup repair, often it will do a system restore to fix something that isnt broken anyways…
Try creating a restore point after you have the drivers installed and things the way you want… Hope this helps…

in theory that would work but restoring to a point would take longer than reinstalling the drivers. ill have to log a ticket with their support

Or better yet, turn off System restore altogether and have a better computer more secure PC.
System Restore is just there for folks to write viruses that use it to restore itself.

started with the new years eve drinks already? :smiley:

Yeah, but i have never had a virus, malware, or any slowdowns, registry problems…with my geek config.
Since i don’t have a network, i turn everything off. And System Restore and Indexing Service are huge hits on the GUI.
Plus, the shit has never worked and will not work if you get a virus.
Viruses use IE and System Restore to reconstitute themselves.
Get a real worm and try to restore!

I learned a lot of securing up and speeding up from Black Vipers site and other places.
I don’t have problems but driver issues and there, i don’t sweat it. I just get an older driver and load it up, no problem.
There were some NVidia driver issues recently having to do with Desktop Manager.