Edges Second Video

As the title says, here’s my second video for you fine folks.



:smiley: I’m in it!

That barrel kill on Zman in ld made me lolwtf.

Awesome vid though man keep it up.

Thanks Panic.

I think I’m a fan :smiley:

PS: yes outro needs bit of work n for some reason reminds me of superman flyin round the globe to go back in time lol

Nice work m8!!! loved it

Velly Nice. Even for Loser Productions.

good work. Kills in this was sick a lot quick thinking combined with good use of bhop movement. On the resolution was it kinda of odd res not sure it a full 1080p since the width it far more narrow than I expect from that supported res. My advice it to stick to well know res formats makes it easier for movie sites to host you content but I understand why you did not go for the full 1080 width would of just made the file insanely big. Other things are to remove motion blur on the slowmo shots. Way to do this to to recompile it in virtual dub or switch off frame blending in adobe premier for that particular slice or clip.


Cool vid, really nice quality there! Great frags as well, fresh footage especially liked the intro… :cry:

Nice vid, some good frags in there. Enjoyed it!

good job dude,

loved how the track/video blends, that’s exactly what I meant when we were talking about it, nailed it :]

resolution felt odd for me too but good quality as far as visuals and frags goes. nicely done

Hey guys, thanks for all the comments. I know the res is messy, I didn’t actually want it to turn out that way haha, I’ll be using a normal one for 720p in the future. SND thanks for the tip, not using premier though, using vegas 8.0. I think I might get rid of the motion blur and add it back in manually from now on though.

I’ll be taking a break from videos for a while but will probably be working on one from Synergy in the coming months after a short break.

wow awesome frags like da one on me on tig :smiley: gr8 job edge

Great video man. gj!!

Oh, it was okay… :wink:


good shit edge :smiley: i love the smg nade and orb repel through the explosion on me at new hall… i think that kill is one of the best ive seen =]

Yeah… watch VDuS drag0’s video or even cyn’s art of war and tell me to my face this game hasnt evolved after watching this.

tough guy

damn looks like all that counter strike is fucking your brain up d00d when its almost dead. Two years too late on the pic and your counter strike meme’s.

Quick and intense, perfect !!

Be careful with the height/width ratio of the picture, but the vid was excellent, so this little issue if forgotten :laughing:

Awesome movie mate, you did a great job!

Perfect quality (how did you do?), good transitions and full of pro frags.