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Sup y’all,

I figured since the last eFPS thread (which was the worst poll ever made–thanks Ace) was such a success, I would make another one! Let’s talk about eFPS. What games will be supported via league play? HL2DM, HL2CTF, CSS, TF2, L4D, Brink, etc. I actually think that a promotional match is a good idea, but not one between Vals and Ace. Honestly, that would be a boring 1v1 to watch. They’re both rusty and play like average players. Instead of one pointless 1v1, why don’t we just have a promotional tournament and post all the demos on the eFPS site when it gets up and running? Anyone can join up and the matches will be picked at random. If you lose twice, you’re out. I think that a 2v2 tourny would be the best bet because then there would be less matches and therefore, a shorter tourny. Fuck the poll. Let’s hear some constructive ideas, opinions, suggestions, and criticisms. University admins, work your magic if this thread goes off course, which it definitely will.

Not having an efps promotional 2v2 tourney, the site will be out in 5 days and everyone will be able to sign up for the actual 2v2 tourney efps will put on. By all means if you want to play a 2v2 tourney or set one up, go for it, but efps will not be affiliated with it since we will start ours shortly anyways.

Am I the only one pissed that Dal ran a league and not one of us got a hat?

Shoulda came to the LAN brah.

We get hats now?

Mapquest sent me back to my house, Did I read it wrong?



Make the 2v2 cap 4 and not 3.


Problem with that is you can just make two teams with 4 players, you should only need one back up.

Increase the cap. I only have time to backup the backup.

Weird schedules make that complicated.

Nutri smarten up. Heres some Ace101.

Dont try and give Dal lessons.

Dont try to give me lessons.

IF you dont want to watch the match, dont watch it.

Your thread has 250 views. mine had 2.5K.

And the wolf goes chirp chirp?