Eternity-GamerZ_The Movie

Here comes my second ans last Half Life 2 frags movie :slight_smile: :

Eternity-GamerZ_The Movie

Length: 8:30
Filesize: 311 MB
Codec: x264

This frags movie contains the best frags of the five french Eternity-GamerZ members made since 2008! For many reasons some of those players did not play their best game so it was hard to have some decent frags.

Anyways it is mainly a summarize of the Eternity GamerZ clan.

Here some screenshots :

As well as i said, it is my second frags movie, i tried to make a good job about sync, effects and other stuff! In my opinion, the most important point is a good sync of frags with soundtracks. So i tried my best on that point.

All of those frags were made in funwars, official wars such as ESL and Clans United.

Download :

Any feedback is welcome! :smiley: