Fire Fall Event


there is anger in this thread

there is no hl in this thread :frowning:


Anyone manage to get into this game? Post your names if so. I’m PoorBilly

After IPL5 I’ll be concentrating a lot more on this game I think. Lots of fun.

So i’ve been away for a while. Just was finding out about pb/grain going to IPL5!
Awesome d00ds!
Gimme some more info billy.

Ill be tuning into the sc2 matches, so ill have to watch you guys play.
Good luck beating Stermy and rapha

Oh and if you finish in the money, pay the godaddy bill and bring the real hl2dmU back!

GL guys, hope you win.

Frisco just threw a beta key my way, so I’ll install it over night and try it tomorrow.

Pre-Ordered a 3 pack, one for me and the wife, a buddy got the 3rd.
I’m Viperbird
Wife is VorGirL, this is her first fps =]
Will post buddy’s id when he signs up later.

My ego actually got boosted at that event, which I didn’t even think was possible.

Keep drinking the kool-aid.

Hey guys, was cool seeing you play there, tuned in for a few games. Saw the ones vs SK, looked pretty tough.
Would like to hear how the event was, some stories and stuff. Noticed a ton of the sc2 players on Shootmania in a locked server and such.
Anyways, seemed like a cool event, maybe i’ll go to one some day

Heard you guys came in last and still won 4K, imo you were colwn’s biggest obstacle. Guess there was some heavy pressure?
Gj making it there, though.

that pic will give newguy a boner


Lmfao. That picture deserves a mahogany frame around it.

Just one question tho grainy…did you wear that shirt for billy? :slight_smile:

I could see this being placed above a nice chimney with Christmas stockings.