Framerate issues in vdub

Hi, hope I’m not pissing anyone off by asking noob questions but I’ve googled and even read the n-year-old video guide with missing links and images bla bla and can’t get this to work properly.
It’s not the first time I recorded stuff and put it together with VirtualDub and so far I didn’t have any issues - framerate wise, atm not interested in quality and editing, I just want proper frames. I’d just record a demo, play it and record the movie then idk what magic tutorial on youtube I followed but worked like a charm! I’d open the first tga, change audio and video to full processing, select Audio from other file…, change video->framerate to 30 ( I think that’s what I did last time) and it would just WORK!
Now I twist and turn it, play with different framerates and nothing… I get a slow choppy vid with a choppy sound. If I remove the sound, it’s still a crappy vid. I tried host_framerate 30 in console and made no difference.
I then tried to decimate the frames, by 3 or by 5 (by 2 was still crap) and finally it was at normal/slightly higher speed and sound was good except, of course, it skips some frames so now the flow is gone like I’m lagging in game.

Seems like you got the basic settings close enough for a final product that’s not choppy and stuttering.

The question is are you rendering 1280 x 720 for HD?

If so then your PC is going to need a lot of power to play a raw HD video, if it doesn’t have that power it will freeze and stutter like you said.

Open sony vegas and try watching your raw HD video through the preview using low draft settings, if it’s smooth you know you need more power. You can still edit and render your clips but you will have to review everything through vegas previews.

Another test you can try is render the raw footage into any select codec (xvid, wmv, mp4) and see if it plays smoothly. Again if so your PC can’t process raw HD fast enough.

It’s most likely because it’s raw footage. It will come out smooth once you render it. If you’re using Sony Vegas, put the clip on the timeline, highlight it, and press Shift + B (or CTRL + B, can’t remember) which will prerender it and you will see it smoothly on the preview.

That’s all fine and dandy but I never used sony vegas, never rendered my previous vids and they worked fine before. I’m guessing now I’m doing something wrong in the record phase or vdub phase…?

EDIT: I noticed I can see the proper vid after I convert the avi to mpeg but… I don’t want to do this eeeverytime I want to check an avi output :neutral_face:

I don’t know man were you doing HD videos smoothly?

What you’re describing is textbook lack of performance, be it hardware or software something is not right.

EDIT: Don’t let VDUB steer you wrong, you can screw up the settings pretty bad and still get smooth results, I don’t think you caused this problem.

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