Fun HL2DM event: Melee Pwnage

There are too many serious events. I suggest a fun melee team deathmatch pwnage event or melee “league” (Yeah, sound kind of stupid though). One map, 10-20 crazy people, stunstick and crowbar, and chaos. It might be fun, atleast it would be different. Winner gets a title or something … Like HL2DMU Melee King and … 1 Million dollars given by HL2DMU community.

lol I played a 20vs20 css pub… it’s a complete chaos, but get into teamspeak or ventrilo with a friend, and you will have a hell of a fun time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Get a 20vs20 melee fight with microphones and you will lol sooo hard, that’s for sure hahaha