Fusion Community Frag movie -By SND

Bloody hell I am really a sucker for punishment aren’t I ?

Ohh well might as well get this going. I want to do another frag movie but I simply am too shit now nor have the time play and create my own frags. So that leads me to community video route and there really has not been one for some time so why don’t I do one.

For those who have not seen my work have a look here http://www.themovievault.net/video/no-fear

Basicly what I want to create is a short pacey frag movie with aggressive editing. I am really going to go all out on the editing on this one.

So to summarize I want is you the community to give me your demos for me to create this movie.


  1. Frags submitted must have the tick of when the frag happens (shift+F2 demo console tick is shown)
  2. No pub footage. This is competitive frag movie only. funny clips are the only exception
  3. I prefer POV demos but source TV is acceptable. (just that mag shots don’t line up in source TV)
  4. No staged or faked or even cheated footage is allowed. Anyone that submits or even asks for such a thing will be named and shamed.
  5. Demos should be sent via pm through CU or steam or hl2dmu with download link.

Frag: pwnage frag with mag
File name: esvsraw_lock
tick: 2300
downloadlink: http://www.blablabla.com

Working title
give me some names and I pick the best one

when its done

“4. No staged or faked or even cheated footage is allowed. Anyone that submits or even asks for such a thing will be named and shamed.”

How bout sv_cheats 1 footage )=^B
Oh the shame, bring it on.

maybe onti, can help you out by sending all the demos he get from his 2nd community frag video, but who knows maybe he is still planing on finishing it one day.

I have not seen or talked to onti for sometime. If he wants someone to take those demos off his hands I gladly accept. But he if still working on it cool.

Also guys these demos don’t have to be yours if you got some old demos of m8 or past cal matches submit it and ill look through and see whats worth beeing it the frag movie.

This is for the whole community of hl2dm and I really like to reflect what the game is about and the players in it or used to be in it.

there a deadline for submission and how do you want them submitted, pm?

There is no deadline but the sooner the better so I know what im working with when planning time,music,credits and intro

Project update

As you can see I now given a name to this community frag movie and now decided on a theme and style and even the track I am going to use.

As already mentioned in this post this is a worldwide community frag movie that I am working on. The movie will be a short and pacey completely based around one track which I roughly estimate to be 6mins in total length. The editing is my main focus here where I am going to use a vivid colour palette based around Mirrors Edge which is inspiration for this movie. I want to show the magic and wow in the frags with close up slowmos and camera work.

Also if I seem like I’m out of touch it is because I am nearing the end of my degree so im usually lost in that work. Main plan is to finish my course and have a pile of footage to use to make the video with the free time I have. Thanks to those that sent their demos so far anyway keep recording those frags and sending them my way.

Tks sch for being the prop in this screenshot.

Also can someone move this to cafeteria so more can see this.

maybe onti, can help you out by sending all the demos he get from his 2nd community frag video, but who knows maybe he is still planing on finishing it one day.

I still have the recordings, but I don’t see myself finishing that movie, sorry :frowning: (the most I could do would be release what I had done, but still it’s not more than 3 minutes I believe, and with no intro cuz when I asked for a pub demo, nobody on the whole forum was able to provide one U_U)
I do believe I still have the demos, must look for them a bit because of all the pc formats, moving folders and stuff, but I surely have them. If you want me to send that stuff I’ll upload it for you.

This is still happening
contrary to popular belief this is not dead. As said I have been busy with other things and have not got round to doing this project. That has changed now since I now have the time available to do this Movie. I have already started recording and logging the frags given to me so far and have started to play around with colour schemes and player bar.

As things stand right now I don’t have enough footage to make this movie and so do require more demos to get this done. So if you got some decent kills hand them over if you got some old demos of some epic battles between well known clans or players hand them over as well. Ticks are not required for the the last part I will look through them my self if there is anything usable.

Update on what I am doing with this well I have selected the music to go with this which fits very well into the theme I selected with some great Japanese guitar notes that will create fantastic ambiances in the movie. Other thing is that unlike my other movie I am not going to use sony vegas and instead will be using adobe premier this should allow me to port things much more quickly between applications. But this will require me to learn a whole new program which I am prepared to do.

Anyway I just leave these screenshots. Send more demos

wow this looks sexy so far!!!..

i sent you a couple of demos some days ago (cough cough i want to be in cough cough hahah :stuck_out_tongue:)…i’ll send u more of them this upcoming days :slight_smile:

good luck with the project <3

Hey sent out some replyies to people that have sent me demos informing them to send again. I forgot to send you one :neutral_face: have a look at your CU messages.

Well im a nub at this so im sorry if I say anything that is dumb for movie makers to hear but do I post a whole demo and just the tick that we want or do we edit the demo and take only the decent frags.

Oh i didn’t notice!!! i’ll send them again np :smiley:

yea leave all editing to me. Just upload the full demo with a txt file with ticks of when the frag happens. I will review it and see if it deserves to be in the movie.

YOU might wanna edit out those nifty hacks when you send yours in. So yeah, edit the frags out.


Project update.

So far I have collected 25 frags which all look great from 11 players. I also made some changes to the player bar and down below is how those player names will look. Pls keep in mind I am still collecting footage so if you want to be in this movie send that shit in.

Frag 1: good xbow shot
Frag 2: another good xbow shot
File name: 1v1l2k
tick : 8800
tick : 27400

Voz I have reviewed your frags and they not what I am really looking for. They are good but the problem is xbow bounces have been done to death and are simply not impressive anymore. Only way xbow kill looking good is if the target is moving fast and it looking like a reflex shot.

I have yet seen some one submit a xbow kill on a falling target. :frowning:

Unless they are one of my ricochets!! lol jk