Greetings from Russia!

Hi, guys!

My name is Alex aka Dancer (perdoplyas). I’m the member of russian hldm 2 pro gamers community. Russian hldm 2 community is pretty big, we got a lot of top guys, whom you might probably know, btw, and loads of other players with different level of skill. So… to the subject of this message. I and my friend have recently come up with an idea of creating a site similar to your University. That site will help russian players to learn the basics, improve etc. So the mission is the same.

We thought about not just creating a similar site but creating an official part of yours.

What I’d like to know:

  1. Is it possible to create our site in connection with yours? (banners, links exchange, using the same logo etc)
  2. Can we use your materials (tutorial etc.) to translate them into russian and post them on our site?

It would be really great if you like the idea.
Please, contact me as soon as you can.

p.s. sorry for my english

You are welcome to translate and use any information you wish. Please do not use the HL2DMU logo or name to build your site, but we would welcome you as an affiliated site however and can add a link to you on here.

I hope this makes sense, if not please let me know.

Thank you! We’re absolutely satisfied with your decision. We’ll let you know when the job is done!

ah, almost forgot… what if we use your transformed logo? something like this (thats only an alpha version)

We plan to add couple of other changes to your logo if we’re allowed, but we want to keep the initials the same (we dont have a designer who could draw an independent logo, moreover this will show that our project is connected to yours.

Doing so you will help us greatly!

Awesome. Greeting to our Russian friends! Good Luck with the site. HF and see you in the game.

I think the best thing to do would be to create subdomains here at the U such as then give FTP access to the subfolder which the subdomain points to and drop all the current U files into it minus the forum, then the language translation team translates all the pages in less work and its up and running. Then you create a specific forum sub group for languages and add each language to it so the russians would have a forum to communicate in. This would be the most unified way of doing this. And once done the system could be applied to other languages. Then the hl2dmu header is altered to have flags that can be clicked on to take people to the translation sites.

I suspect WT doesn’t want any material out of his(our) control to be connected to HL2DMU. Even if the intent is good, you never know where it’s going.

That being said, I still think a translated version of the main site (non-forum) as a sub group, would be an excellent idea. The problem is the forum (and wiki unless you translate that too) - how would you keep it clearly separate from HL2DMU? If a clear disclaimer and hosting the forum at a different address isn’t enough, I don’t know how to solve this.

  1. Can we use your materials (tutorial etc.) to translate them into russian and post them on our site?

I still have the raw files of my movement tutorial. If you want me to do a russian version, please contact me through pm, and email me a .txt file with all the translations of everything written on my tutorial. Make sure it’s flawless (regarding russian grammar and spelling).
Otherwise, don’t do anything :slight_smile:

I have tried maintaining multiple language sites before and its just too much headache. I have enough trouble keeping up with the English version.

Everything on this site is non-profit and community oriented, so if people want to host a foreign version, I am happy for them to do so. Everybody just needs to know that it is not HL2DMU and we do not control it, but we are happy to be listed as an affiliate site.

Ok guys. Sorry for being away.
What we have now is materials from your site translated into russian. We’ve bought We’re ready to start the project. Please, tell me if you agree or not. Tell me if you want any special terms (should we place a copyright mark etc.). We’re planning to open it on 1st of september.

thank you for cooperation =)

Hi Dancer,

Maybe you misunderstood my post:

The domain is fine, but I am asking is that your site does not look the same or use the same graphics, like the green and black icon, or the DMU Coat of Arms. All of the content (text, videos, files etc.) you may use freely. You will just need to come up with some unique graphics for your site to replace the ones here.

Good luck with your site! If there is anything here we can do to help you, just ask.

what if we change the logo (shield) but the magnum will still be the same? The guy who is in charge of it is kinda mad about your website. He likes it a lot. Sorry, I know that you’ve alredy stated your clear opinion above… but I just promised to ask

Yeah you can use the magnum, it is just the shield and site colors I would like to be different.
Glad you guys like the site though. :smiley:

lol man, quite trippy to see a Russian language version of this site. Good job on the logo btw. :smiley:

Unfortunately I can’t read your forums! :cry:

Unfortunately I can’t read your forums! > :cry:

use the google sites translator. It is …readable…