gtx 460

thinking about upgrading from the 260 to the 460. anybody running the 460 right now? thoughts on it…

I am. Upgraded about 2 months ago from my 9800 gtx+ that was dying (had 9800 cause 8800 died as well lolololwarranties)

It’s an EVGA brand, the 192-bit 768mb version. I’m very pleased with it for the price; with all my other hardware now 5+ years old, I can run crysis entirely maxed out with a pretty smooth 30-40 fps (before I could run on mostly high). I’ve had no game compatibility issues with it, drivers work great. Onboard physX is a plus too for Red Faction Guerilla. The card also runs at a pretty good temperature for what it can do, too.

It’s hard for me to give you a good recommendation since I’ve only had it for a couple months. Idk if it’s gonna die 4, 6, 12 months from now or what.

If I were you, though, I’d wait and get a 560 sometime in the future (assuming it’s a worthwhile upgrade from the 460). I just think you’re wasting your money…the 260 should be just fine for any games today. My brother’s running a 275 and nothing really slows it down.

Get the MSI 460 hawk, best 460 i know of, comes with epic cooling and overvoltage etc.

well, my thoughts are its about time for me to do some upgrades on my machine. my current set up is good. not great. it was great about 18 months ago. its really hard to “piece mail” a system upgrade now a days. if i want a new CPU, then i need a new mobo, then i need new ram, then i need a new PSU. so i figured i could start with the card. in a few months ill get a new PSU, and then a new mobo/cpu/ram upgrade. i read a lot of reviews and most stated that the 460 runs a lot cooler then the 470, and i would say 95% of the 460 reviews were positive. once i get a new PSU i can run a SLI set up with my current 260.
how big of a PSU are you guys using?

which version?

I didnt even know about the talon attack version, seems it has better memory and maybe some more overclock ability?
I’d go for that.

I’m still running on a core 2 duo e6600 and 4 gigs of ddr2 at 1066 mhz with this 460 and I can run almost any game on high detail. What kinda shit you running then? As for PSU, I’ve got an Ultra X3 1000W. Had this one for about 3-4 years now, still going strong. Love that Ultra.

But yea regardless I can vouch for the 460 in terms of power. The jump I saw from my 9800 to this was pretty impressive, and it’s great for the price. You won’t be making a bad purchase getting a 460.

I’d also go for this PS, SeaSonic X-750 80Plus Gold Modular.

i have almost the exact same set up. core 2 duo e6550, 4 gigs of crucial ram. i have only a 650 PSU, but im not overclocking anything. i heard corsair is making strong psu’s now.

Im kind of in the same situation as you chem, I’ve slowly been acquiring parts for a complete new system but in the process I figured I would grab a new video card to pump a little life into my old rig until the new one is finished.

So knowing I wanted a gtx 580 for the new rig I sprung the 5 bills and got it and tried to put it into my old rig. First off The card is bigger and would not clear the sata connectors on my mobo if cables were plugged in, so I reconfig the bios and reload windows using a different set of sata’s on the sil raid controller, no biggie but time consuming. Then I get the system ready to run and find that my power supply 8 pin is different than the one on the card, go get a 6 to 8 pin adapter and try again, system runs but the 650 psu is not strong enough and system randomly shuts down in game grrr. It was kind of funny though because every time the nuke bomb went off in black ops my system would just shut down as if it had blown up too.

Ok so I get the new seasonic psu becuase they have no corsairs in stock around here and they are pretty much the same unit with different branding, now it runs fine and I find that I have a severe cpu bottle neck that would make upgrading to one of these cards useless if thats all you were going to upgrade. But hey at least I can run black ops now with more than 60 fps lol anf the nuke won’t shut me down.

Morale of the story is the new gen video cards are not as upgrade friendly as they used to be and be prepared to do other work. Most surprising to me was that I could go from 2 cards in SLI to one card and the PSU cant handle it. Not sure if the 460s suck as much power as the 580 but wow it’s a power whore.

that nuke story is priceless. the 580 is rated as needing 600watts the 460 is rated to need 450 so i think that i should be ok until i get a new one. hopefully. if not ill just switch back to my 260. this is the one i ended up getting

The 460 will run just fine in your set up, I promise. It’s actually a smaller card than most, probably about an inch less in length than my old 9800. As for the 580, it has almost twice as many processors onboard as the 460, and they’re all running at about the same clock speed as a 460’s. So I could see it being a ridiculous power whore.

Btw, did you actually pay $215 for that 460 chem?

i take it from the way you wrote that you think its too much? it was more on tigerdirect