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Hey Guys,

I am the founder of GWA (Gamerz with Attitude). We are a mature gaming clan/community and have been doing it for over 10 yrs now. Now I wish I could say I have been doing straight but I have take a yr off here, a few months there but it’s been a long time :slight_smile: Now we have surrounded ourselves around counter-strike source. Well I have been wanting to add a classic game and what’s better than HL DM. Anyways we are making a comeback (the clan) and I am working on creating a group for HL2 DM. If you are interested then come on by and help us out. Maybe you can even give me some insight on setting our server up (best map rotation, etc).

Our server ip is

It would be great to see some people come by and help get this off the ground. I have all the tools to get it going, just need dedicated members to make it grow. Well hope to see you soon


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"I am Paradox and I am a female DM player as well :astonished:. Nice to see a few other girls that play this game. A little about me: I am the clan co-leader and co-founder of clan Khaos http://www.khaosclan.net. I am also an admin for the CAL League HL2DM 2v2 division.

Me and another couple of girls are thinking of getting a Ladies League for DM together and are trying to find others who might be interested in participating. We have a steam group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HL2DMLL

If you gals are interested, join our group and help us find a few others.

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Sounds like a bitch to me :astonished:


ooooh teh good timezz :laughing: