Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: Orange Box Beta 3 Released

Fixed Delayed Gravitygun fire
Fixed Crossbow first person effects
Fixed Issue with Impulse 101 not giving crossbow Ammo
Changed Combine movement sounds to rebel movement sounds,cause In competitions the loud noises would give away your position and cause a huge disadvantage
Improved Movement to act more like regular hl2dm

Windows dedicated server files Available for download,Also thanks to [KBH]Keeper for the Linux version

Click here to visit the web site for download


i say it already, hl2dm ob can be a real good replacement for the original one, but … aehm …

lol … can this fixed, maybe a sv_combine_movement_sound_as_rebel 0/1 (default 0) ?

:slight_smile: please :slight_smile:

I think the key to that is not to change combine sounds, cuz, as much as combine sounds can be annoying, it feels pretty weird to play a combine and get shoes sounds as in the pro mod…

imho, allowing ppl to choose the type of team (if both choose rebels, they go like Blue rebels against Red rebels) is a very straght forward solution. (And also to allow both combines, if both teams preference goes towards them)

I think giving the server operators a choice is always best. Locking things in is never a good idea IMO.

heh. i just got around to d/l’ing beta 2 yesterday. :sketchy: :laughing:

I guess having the option would be a good idea if possible but for competitive reasons, having the same sounds solves a huge fairness problem we have always had.

I changed the sounds cause a lot of people requested it,I could add an option latter but for now don’t worry about it…

In competitions no one would chose combines, the extra loud noises give away your position. In team death matches the team that is combine is always at a disadvantage.

I know. That’s why I was sugesting that. I wouldn’t choose combines unless both teams would agree to. Which would probably not happen much. :wink:

But anyway, having the sounds changed is not a bad thing. It’s actually an improvement on competitiveness. Just gets weird to be a combine and make such a “light weight” noise…

Perhaps if someone could arrange some boots sounds for Combies… :mrgreen:

The Valve programmer must have had a loooong night when he left the combine steps louder…This needed fixing thanks.

Fixing combine sounds is something I’d have asked Valve to do if they were porting it, so I think this is the best choice to make here.

I hate the combine sounds. Not only do they tell everyone that youre right around the corner, they impede hearing other players IMO. I will be very very glad if they are gone.

2 things i think would be kool.

1: A wait command like in original hl2dm, eccept sv_cheats only.
2: The option to have old style grav gun ie double/triple+ tap etc

would be cool if the alias command could be blocked.

i agree with pern and SND. as for the combine sounds - there’s been so much complaining about it that now seeing people wanting them back even as an option is, pardon moi - very funny.
for argument sake: what would you want them for exactly? “ugh, hey way don’t i use the old shitty loud as a PA system combine sounds now. oo great - click. yeah, that’s much better”.

Dont forget to disable the stunstick zap; that effect is actually worse than the loud footsteps, as the zap goes off every time you pull out the weapon or enter a new visleaf, and can generally be heard across the entire map.

Also, agree with Pern about removing the multi-hit limitation on the gravgun. Being able to control prop speeds, turn caught orbs into speedballs or use objects as bouncepads added extra dynamics to the game and increased its overall skill ceiling.

nah the alias command has other uses, these days, with sv_allow_wait_command, all the annoying scripts are gone.
Aliasing allows for thing like time+scores etc etc. Theres nothing u can really make with an alias that will give u advantage anymore.
Though scrolling jump is an advantage yea, should get rid of that :wink:
And devise a way to stop macro’s through input devices haha.

But in all seriousness, with macro’s, and everything else, i dont see how blocking alias command will accomplish anything, the alias command merely allows for a slight customisation.

And wen i say “2: The option to have old style grav gun ie double/triple+ tap etc” i mean like a server command that enables/disables it.

I never belived in that. And it’s pretty legit. It’s a simple bind you can make in the keyboard options menu. :wink:

wth is that?

I don’t agree with removing speed-crowl or speed-crouch or whatever is called. It’s kinda cool. And anyone can learn it.

I was joking, but my point was that scrolling jump is more advantagous then the alias command.