Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: Orange Box Beta 4 Released

Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: Orange Box Beta 4


Fixed Player animation issues

Fixed Physics objects rotating automatically when dropping them with the Physcannon

Fixed Stunstick spark issues

Fixed Shotgun reload issue

Fixed Shotgun fast weapon switch bug where it would get stuck on the reload animation

Added ChatBubble

Fixed Combine movement sounds (Updated)

Added Alyx and Barney player models

Added the option to use First Person Ragdolls to Advanced Multiplayer Options

Added Report Bug to the Game Menu (Reported Bugs will go to valve)

Changed the scoreboard back to normal HL2DM Style

Fixed physics objects in dm_lockdown being invisible

Mod DB Site http://www.moddb.com/mods/half-life-2-deathmatchob-beta-4
Mod Web site http://james1324.web.officelive.com/default.aspx

hehe… shotgun cock. :laughing:

i assume just delete the folder with the older version before d/ling this one?

thx subz, i’ll give it a look tonight.

Yes delete all older versions and let me know if there are any problems/Bugs i want to make sure everything is working for the next release :smiley:

movement is very, very smooth. nice job.

i love the difference in rebel and combine footsteps. no more jingle/jangle, just different, subtle, and same volume. nice nice nice!

i still sense a slight delay when launching props out of the gg. but its much less noticeable than the previous version. could be my imagination, but i dont think so.

fast orb was spot on. like the blueball. hehe, blueballs!

no issues with yo-yo.

i muffed a few nade cooks while on the run. seemed odd a couple of times. i tried several times, but couldnt consistantly say something was buggy. the issue seemed to be the toss to gg catch. seemed like the toss was delayed sometimes and the model (on the run) would pass beyond the toss point and make the catch point miss, happened with both the regular toss and a primed toss.

still lose health when bumping into props while on the run. not every single time. but i tend to to bhop out of control, so thats just my issue. lol!

slams are still slams… buggy. the slow bolt can still be done. one time i threw all the slams to the ground at various points on the map, and when i threw down the last one… switched to a different weap, then back to slams to detonate them… i had no slam button to do so. some slams couldn’t be picked up with the gg, u had to run over them (map issue?). cooking slams is a bit tricky, if i switched to gg too quickly after the toss, the slam disappears… when switching back to slam to try again, the slam immediately tosses to the ground. so… slams are still slams. lol

i did notice that whatever model i started with, i retained that melee weapon… even when switching from reb to combine or vice versa… until i killed myself. that may be normal on a listen server. ive never tried it before.

i didnt play against anyone, just me bouncing around on a listen server. i’d really like to try this out with some other players!

Awesome thanks for the feedback i will work on it right away!!!

just had a quick spin and seems promising.

The movement is spot on and and very responsive even when I switch between air strafing and bhop. Also no stickiness when I touch a object which as most peeps knows real pisses me off which has been pointed out in my frag video in bloppers (getting own by barrels)

sound seems better on this than it does on hl2dm with my 5.1 headphones there just was more defined and crip and the combine sound for footsteps is just about right.

there are a few issues like grenades seem to hang or move slower thro the air im not too sure about this it just a feeling i have with it when I launched it out of my gg

The crossbow does not feel right it got a delay which is very clear when I do a 180 flick shot and find the the crossbow actually hits at a target in-between the turn.

hope this helps nothing more I can say really until I actually have a proper game on it.

This is sounding rather promising.

this mod is better and better…
but no physicflying and no fast moving under low floors or inside pipes will change this game, don need to disable this cool defects of a game. (somehow fix , but not delete)
and about nade cookin, i use Q and G, watch demo, i cant make anything good with it … watch demo

i cant do a simple strafejump.
i cant jump while holding sprint. if i run straight, then push jump, nothing happens. when i push it again i can jump oO

I think that’s an OB thing. :-\

Maybe u should intergrate the new HL2 cinematic mod 10 textures into the game as the new default sub, that would be kewl.

I played this a bit with Sub Zero and some others and to be perfectly honest, it plays like a dream. Movement is just tighter and smoother overall, hitreg is spot-on, no random crashes… the new player models are a nice touch, and the new combine footsteps (although they sound like they are always walking on dirt) are perfect in terms of volume and timbre, and are easy to distinguish in the middle of a battle.

Honestly, everyone who’s ever loved HL2:DM needs to know about this mod. It’s really what everyone has been wanting from Valve for the past 2 or 3 years.

I also noticed a fair improvement in my framerate between this and the previous betas. Top work James :sunglasses:

I’m itching to try this out. I’ll give it a go later tonight and try and get back here with some feedback.

Cool Beans.

Yes all 20GB worth.

I didn’t play against an opponent, just messed around on LD by myself. The movement feels right on par. The burning effects on the barrels look cool and the fact that the fire before it blows up can hurt you is cool. I noticed that even though speedcrawling got fixed I was still able to move 44 units faster when performing the speedcrawl method. I crawled through the RPG vent, normal is 63 velocity, when speedcrawling…the sprint goes down like in regular HL2DM and I moved at 107 velocity. I don’t know if this is intended or not? I would like to play against someone to really get a better feel, but from what I saw, it looks great. Nice job.


Obviously, keefy only the textures used in hl2dm and the maps that come standard which would be much less then 20g.

LOL i do not know why people complain about the movement because the movement is exactly the same as HL2DM because i took all of the movement code from HL2DM and put it in my mod because valve changed it all…

Hmmm I just reread every post in this thread, from what I just saw, everyone says the movement is flawless. I think this mod is great. If people would get behind it and play this instead of regular DM then I think it could take off. I’m only seeing serious people playing it, no noobs running around because they probably will simply go pick up the regular DM on steam and never see this.

yea sub pay attention man the movement is bang on.

Now all you need to do is sort out those other issues and im sure its ready to go once these are sorted. Don’t waste you time on textures and just focus on getting the game play sorted.

Textures is no big task, maybe even someone could go through them and get them organised for him?
I cant because my shitty internet would take forever to dowload the texture pack.

But yea, would be nice, cause hl2dm looks so pov.