Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: Orange Box Final version Released

Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: Orange Box uses The Orange Box Source Engine(The same Engine Half-Life 2 Episode 2 uses) This Engine comes with better net code some graphic upgrades and hit boxes are more accurate,Also the player animations are better game play is more smooth and there are less Engine crashes/errors,Also there are some bug fixes changes and additions witch are listed below.

Fixes/Changes by Valve

Players animate with the new animation system that came along with TF2.
Fixed third person animations and all effects
Fixed SLAM issues
Fixed Use of UTIL_GetLocalPlayer on the server in various locations
Fixed a number of other bugs / asserts.

My Fixes Additions and Changes

-=Special Thanks=-

dm_ethic By vitaminG

Linux Server file compiled by Milosz

Also thanks to everyone that participated in the mod testing


Added fov options to advanced video options

Added view model fov to advanced multiplayer options

Added Chat Bubble

Added the option to use First Person Rag dolls to Advanced Multiplayer Options

Added Alyx Barney Eli Kleiner Mossman Breen zombie and zombine Player Models

-=New Server Consol Commands=-

mp_chatbubble 1 or 0 Enable/Disable the Chat Bubble

mp_ear_ringing 1 or 0 Enable/Disable Ear Ringing Sounds


Fixed lagy vehicles

Fixed Jeep Tau Cannon effects

Fixed bullet impact sounds not playing for the clients

Fixed Slam laser not drawing to the end point on larger maps

Fixed Physcannon firstperson sounds not fully working in MP

Fixed Crossbow firstperson sounds not fully working in MP

Fixed Stunstick spark issues

Fixed Shotgun reload issues

Fixed Issue with Impulse 101 not giving crossbow Ammo

Fixed Shotgun fast weapon switch bug where it would get stuck on the reload animation

Fixed physics objects in dm_lockdown being invisible

Fixed Issue where players could not bunny hop like in regular hl2dm


Changed Combine foot step sounds

Changed max player settings to allow up to 32 players instead of 16

Updated hud to use Episode 2 version

mat_force_bloom is no longer cheat protected

DOWNLOAD http://james1324.web.officelive.com/default.aspx

Thanks a lot man.

Monday, October 11, 2010
11:16 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: can you get ahold of punk any faster than say… me?
11:16 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: hes on my list but he’s west coast so I never see him
11:16 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: is he online?
11:16 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: i see him on every now and then
11:17 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: pm him on the u
11:17 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: ugh, that takes effort
11:17 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: GOD
11:17 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: this is newguy
11:17 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: lol
11:17 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: even though I have made more keystrokes than it would take to just PM him
11:17 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: hmmmm
11:17 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: yep, pretty newguy of me
11:17 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: xD
11:18 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: kk, ill PM him and sub zero
11:18 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: but for redundancy
11:18 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: u see them, tell either of them this
11:18 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: the final name of his mod (sub_zero’s) should be hl2:dm::2010 (Half-Life 2: Deathmatch :: 2010)
11:18 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: instaed of OB
11:18 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: OB seems kinda…yah
11:18 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: redundant
11:18 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: its all iB now
11:18 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: orange box*
11:18 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: ya
11:19 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: his was the first OB tho
11:19 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: i think he’s just sticking with the convention
11:19 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: correct, but 2010 is like ‘Ohhhhhh’
11:19 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: like that stupid madden franchise, sounds spiffy though
11:19 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: xD
11:19 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: ya i can send him the msg
11:19 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: i had a few complaints as well
11:19 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: you would
11:19 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: lol
11:19 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: well he broke smg nade smoke animations
11:20 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: after fixing them in a previous version
11:20 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: they are broke like the vavle ones?
11:20 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: ya
11:20 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: meh
11:20 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: the smoke tracks you
11:20 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: but in the version prior to the final release had them fixed
11:20 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: is the the gray bar thing I have seen?
11:20 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: that* the
11:20 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: don’t think so
11:21 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: what im talking about is how the smoke tracks from the smg nade to you wherever you are
11:21 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: makes it really hard to dodge them haha
11:21 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: all I have seen is a extra animation for the smoke, and it makes morons like Nervous think the curve of the nade is different
11:21 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: when its not
11:22 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: but the smoke like, attaches to the target player model?
11:22 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: no
11:22 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: the size of the smoke is the same
11:22 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: it just changes direction based on where you are
11:22 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: so it always draws a straight line to you
11:23 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: the smoke tracks like an orb, only no 15 degree crap? kk, I think I know what ur saying
11:23 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: haha no hold on
11:23 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: just test it out
11:23 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: not that big of a deal, but can be annoying in terms of how much u see
11:23 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: fire a smg nade and strafe left or right
11:23 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: the smoke pivots on the smg nade
11:23 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: the particle crap stuff, I assume
11:24 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: and it looks like it is always coming for you or leaving from you
11:24 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: ya
11:24 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: im really dumb btw
11:24 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: i think ur just messing
11:24 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: lol
11:24 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: no, I am dumb with technical shit
11:24 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: linear crap
11:24 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: the stuff fear is good at
11:24 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: I am a humanist
11:25 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: ah
11:25 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: well the bug is easy to see
11:25 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: just load a listen server and fire a few smg nades while moving
11:25 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: you will notice it
11:25 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: as I said, “you would”
11:25 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: I am pretty sure I found it pretty, the moving animations, but if you are looking to see where it will land I guess its annoying
11:26 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: ya
11:26 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: I, myself, don’t look to see
11:26 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: lol
11:26 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: so I can’t relate
11:26 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: i try to dodge them
11:26 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: lol
11:26 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: I just guess where they were aiming when its fired
11:26 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: you have to stand still for a moment to see which direction it is really going
11:27 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: but ya ill pass along the msg
11:27 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: anything else?
11:27 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: ill just copypasta the first half of this convo
11:27 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: maybe all of it
11:27 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: idk
11:27 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: my penis is small
11:27 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: there, now I am done
11:27 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: lol

Hey Guys Remember I just uploaded the new version 10 minutes before I posted this thread so if you downloaded before then you have Beta 4 installed, the new version will say hl2mpob final.rar Please delete any old version of the mod ( Delete hl2mpob Folder) and download the new version extract it and restart Steam and Enjoy.

reason was we really were on beta v4 he hadnt updated his download section just his news details >_<

ya, I think we jumped the gun. The news part confused me too. Anyways, the newest version doesn’t have the smg nade smoke problem, along with a number of other fixes.

Monday, October 11, 2010
11:58 PM - [≈$W≈] LukeGT421: btw he fixed the smg nade smoke :slight_smile:
11:58 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: I see that
11:59 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: now post this convo so people don’t get all douchy
11:59 PM - {EE} The New Guy™: GO!@

Thanks Sub Zero for everything!
You have saved DM with this mod as I’d lay money Valve will never update hl2dm again atleast not the way the competitive players want it.
Now it’s time to get some servers up!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

why no speed duck in pipes :0 ?

was there always a sawblade in dm_lockdown?

Great had a quick run through it and everything is seems pretty much fine. Have not been able to play on server yet only could find one but was having connection issues.

There are bits missing like a proper shortcut logo and change from stock title screen. Also would be cool if you could do this as well http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Steam_3rd_Party_Mod_Support.

I am more than happy to create art work for this and to help promote it.

I love it. Nice work! Several servers are up already… woot.

Downloaded and setting up a dedicated server soon from home. :smiley:

How does shotgun damage work in this?
In hl2dm currently shotguns alternate firemode does little to 0 damage most the time unless u fire infront of ur target, it has allways been this way but is much worse now and slow moving targets, even targets not moving at all take alot less damage if any from it, where as primary fire seems to be normal.

Not rly, depends of the player and the server.

Need to keep trying some of these but:

hud_quickinfo turns back on when I change models

Force respawn takes you out of the chat box even though typing a message. I do like the touch with the text bubble though. I Only had one case where it would follow me around.

Anyone else able to confirm this?

solid effort and i like it very much.

but i’m not a fan of the crosshair. im told i can get the old five point crosshair to at least have an outline. i still dont know how to do that. that still sounds boring. and id still be stuck with yellow.

i tried one of neo’s v3 hud’s and it caused some unusual changes. the colors worked fine, the outline did not, and picking up ammo only showed numbers… not the ammo type icon.

Anyone got a server of this up yet and care to share how they did it, would much prefer to have my server running this than the travesty Valve is claiming to be h2ldm.

Ahurrrdurrr, then every server i have ever played on is shit. Its allways like this, for me atleast.

Hey Punk your server sucks some extreme penis on this mod wtf did you do to it? I played on a dedicated server ran from vendetta’s spare PC today and it felt better than yours. Seems impossible to keep speed while bhopping on your server also

I haven’t done anything to it at all as I’ve been at work. Quite a few people and myself played a few rounds last night and it was fine.
I plan to upload some maps and I’ll check it out tonight though.