Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: Orange Box Last Beta test!

Hey everyone I need a few people to run a final Beta test!!!

If you are interested please send me an email at James1325@gmail.com and I will give you a link to download…


Fixed lagy vehicles
Fixed Jeep Tau Cannon effects
Fixed chat bubble issues
Fixed bullet impact sounds not playing for the clients
Fixed Alyx and Barney model issues
Added Breen Eli Kleiner Magnusson and Mossman player models
Added Zombie and Zombine player models
Added fov options to advanced video options
Added view model fov to advanced multiplayer options
Added different scheme per team
Fixed Physcannon fast weapon switch issue
Updated hud to use Episode 2 version
changed the Tau Cannon model on the Jeep
mat_force_bloom is no longer cheat protected
Fixed Slam laser not drawing to the end point on larger maps
Fixed Physcannon sounds not fully working in MP
Fixed Crossbow sounds not fully working in MP

I fixed the Grenade issue and now working on the RPG issues,Also I will not remove the new player models unless at least 10 people want them removed and for good reason and not just say “they are anoying”…

Keep em.
Something else to shoot at.

Does this mean the jeep finaly works in hl2dm? :smiley:

so u got back physics flying and invisible slams?

as long as this mod doesn’t work on Linux it cannot be used. period. and don’t get me, wrong jeep or no jeep i’m all for this mod.

[quote="[EYE] Valar"]
as long as this mod doesn’t work on Linux it cannot be used. period.

Many game server providers use Linux so yeah, what Valar said. However Valar, GS doesnt use Linux for everything. They do use Window for quite a few games, TF2 included. So they might use Windows for another OB game, but not sure.

i wouldn’t touch windows even if they came with a stick

You may not have a choice. Most game server companies use windows for most everything these days. To be honest, at least with HL2DM, it works better on a win server. If an update broke something, it was on the linux end always because Valve builds and tests everything based on Windows. Ive had several game servers that were windows based (COD4, Crysiswars, TF2, BFBC2) and they seem to have have fewer issues than HL2DM on linux.

In HL1 and many other games Linux was better but years have passed and things have changed. Some games like source games appear to work better in windows. Also at the same time M$ has really improved their server platform and stability.

Well now since Valve has released Mac versions of games maybe Linux server support will improve perhaps?