Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: Orange Box Release Date Set

Good news everyone I have finally set a release date for the Final version of Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: Orange Box with Linux support, You can begin downloading the final version on October 1 2010!!

Thanks for all of your support


Sweet thank you!!!

thank you for all your hard work man. i’m serious, thanks for fixing everything we’ve been crying about all these years.

i hope it will get more attention than in beta stage, thx for all

How can I get a server for this? Just curious.

Dedicated servers?

Should be pretty much like any other OBE mod.

My experience with game server providers (including Gameservers), if you contact the right people in support they will help you get it up and running even if they don’t support the game/mod.

looking fwd to this

Right on, thanks!

Awesome, good work! So now for the next question: Mapping for this mod, what SDK do we use? Does it/will it have one or does one of the current ones work.
Can the current maps be used? Sorry if this has been answered before, I dont remember what the answer was.

what SDK do we use? Answer:: It does not matter if you use 2006 0r 2007 SDK it will work just fine
Does it/will it have one or does one of the current ones work, Answer:: just use 2006 0r 2007 SDK and it will not have its own SDK
Can the current maps be used? Answer:: Yes you can use any current hl2dm map

I just hope you beat the beta for the official porting/upgrade.

It is rumored to be real soon now…

Anyone want to try holding their breath for this one?



Don’t we all know Valve time yet?

Ya, don’t hold your breath … but I don’t usually throw dates out there. This time you just might be surprised… :slight_smile:


Achievements, dont forget achievements, especially for the one you get for wearing all 10 party hats at once! Epic!

Looks like it’s out a bit early…it’s appeared with the TF2 update.

That’s Sub Zero’s own version which actually works better than what Valve released today.

Wow Valve’s Half-Life 2 Deathmatch update has more bugs than the old engine, I’m sorry to inform you all that I will not be releasing my version tomorrow as planned due to Linux support issues but not to worry I will have it all fixed soon and will be releasing it no later than October 10th 2010, Again sorry for the slight delay and I appreciate your support and the wait will be well worth it. :slight_smile: