Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Revolution-Vanilla Version Released!

This is regular Half-Life 2 Deathmatch ported over to the Orange box SDK,

You can download the Mod Here http://james1324.web.officelive.com/Vanilla.aspx

Multiplayer Source Code fixes

Players animate with the new animation system that came along with TF2.
Fixed third person animations and all effects
Fixed SLAM issues
Fixed Use of UTIL_GetLocalPlayer on the server in various locations
Fixed a number of other bugs / asserts.

My fixes

Fixed all Shotgun issues
Fixed maxplayers issue where you were only allowed 16 players, now you can go up to 32

Anyone can explain me how to set up a server to do some test 1v1’s ? sv_lan 0 doesn’t seem to do it and i can’t find the dedicated server program thingy. -_-

after you do that type in heartbeat and make sure if your behind a router to get the ports opened

he is working on getting the dedicated server files done, once he has it I will have a 10 slot public server up for testing. For right now you can run a listen server.


Movement isn’t quite the same, unless my cfg changes settings for listen servers.

The movement is a little different but for the most part it is the same. The pause can be minimized to where you almost don’t notice it but it takes a little getting used to because you have to do things just a little bit different. We have all been dying for valve to move this game to OBE and it wasn’t as if we didn’t have some doubts that movement would be effected in some way or another, I’m just glad its a minimal effect and not a game breaking one.

I am optimistic that things will be so much better with the OBE that I can live with this change to the movement if it can’t be fixed to what we are used to. The speedcrawl is fine that it is gone I wont miss it at all, and it will solve more problems with maps being gone (IE. no more need for all the lame things in the lockdown vent).

I am really anxious at this point to get some dedicated server files so we can test this on a larger scale, do some scrims and get some more opinions.

The active community should download this mod now, and get ready to test it for real, it’s what we all have been waiting for.

I think the movement is different because sprint is dissabled until you are 100% stood up so holding sprint does not work you have to let go and reapply it. You get the sprint sound but stay at the same speed if you hold it down when letting go of duck.

No listen server crashes woojhooo :slight_smile:

anyoen yet bene able to get a 100tick server up? if so, are the bugs fixed?

2 seconds ill get it goin

Edit: ok the dmg from lifts are minimal the higher the lift the more the damage jumps on aim_arena are maybe 1 avg 3 at most and 8 dmg riding the lift to the charger very minimal compared to the standard dm settings

what are the other issues? with 100tick? just test it yourself -tickrate 100 in launch options in properties

What is necessary for game?

i mean tf2… ep2 or…?

sdk:ob… now understand

Good news guys!!! Bhop is almost fixed I have one more bug to fix and then I will release Beta 2

omg nice! and when i play biohazard at 100tick the lift does 30 damage to me :confused: can you look at that sub-zero? would be so great!

Yes I can look into it, but can you please explain exactly what you mean? I do not understand what you mean by biohazard at 100tick,sorry I don’t know everything yet,but I will gladly look into it once I understand it better :slight_smile:

P.s wait is biohazard a map and are you talking about a lift/elevator in the map? also what is 100tick?

Ok download the map, dm_biohazard_cal (this map is played a lot in europe), put it in the ‘maps’ folder.
Then in properties do this: -tickrate 100
Then do create server; map dm_biohazard_cal
Then search the elevator, and while you go up with the elevator you will lose like 30 health because it’s bugged(it goes jerky as fuck).

Nah, just ask swot to remove lift damage. :slight_smile:

“spy sapping my lift damage”

Yeah it sounds like a problem with the map,but I will find out…

Not really as every lift does damage at 100tick, the one on bio probably more because it’s higher …