Has anyone else seen this game footage yet? It’s a indie game only 9 months into development, and it’s been ages since there was a good mech game.
Game looks interesting / promising to me with lots of z axis, fast movements and dodging some things we haven’t seen in awhile, and will not be another generic cod war game.



Yea this game looks amazing, I was checking this out earlier. There’s been mech games before, but not like this one.

I’m pumped.

good find

Game looks awesome!

Damn, i’m in.

Wow so long ago I posted this, the game is good reminds me alot of the old days when movement was what a fps was all about.
Considering hl2dm is mostly non existent anymore Im glad a game came out that has movement oriented game play.
Is any old time hl2dm players in Hawken?

Heyo, I play from time to time… I found the game to be lots of fun, but I don’t see the gameplay being anything new and exciting…

Their F2P model is bad.
Also, hi.