Here lies hl2dm

Hello to all of those who still occasionally look at this forum.

I leave this message in the hopes that I can get one last blip from this game.

I dont expect anything like playing the game again I only wish to make a video looking back at what the game was. The video will be giving an overall explanation of how the game works and what set it apart from other games, why it captivated all of us for so long to play it long after its release. Pretty much a tribute. Its gonna go on a youtube channel I’ve started with a few other friends, and I wanted to do this as a little project.

Of course, this isn’t gonna be the most professionally done thing but its better than nothing.

What I need is this:
demos, video clips, anything from amazing to mundane.
Movement clips, skill shots, glitches and anything advanced(like yo-yoing)
clips from anything ranging from a 1v1 to pubs both in normal and low grav

They could either be the demo files or something already exported.

I found old files in one of my hard drives but I dont seem to be able to get them working, thats why I’m asking for help on this.

you can send the files to this email:

Thanks for those who can help, I would appreciate it very much.


What you need is:
to play the game again

I still do, when I find a server I can play in.

:open_mouth: what nick, mb our crowbars can meet

I like the idea, just don’t expect many/any demos.

I like your idea, but I think its gonna be more work than you signed up for.

It would be awesome to see some frags from some of the old greats, but I doubt you would be able to contact them, let alone get them to give you demos, even if they still have them.

I’ve actually recently re-installed hl2dm. There really isn’t anything quite like it, and I don’t think there will ever be. Despite the drama of the community, and the complete lack of support from valve, I think I will always love this game. Ill dig through and see if I have any old demos saved, though don’t expect anything amazing coming from me.

I hope the best for you in your tribute to the game.