HL2 episode 3 ???

Anyone see anything about this anywhere? I know they introduced it at E3 last year and there was reportedly some concept art around somewhere, but I havent seen anything else about it in the gaming mags I read. Find it odd that in the time that Valve were supposidly working on Ep 3, they put out L4D and L4D2. So ???

All i know is, they would NEVER miss an oportunity to make good money.

Aren’t they a big enough company to have different teams working on each game, rendering the fact that both Left4Deads came out first immaterial?

Besides, based on the first 3 HL2 games, the quality is miles above L4D, validating the extra time it takes them

I had a chat with a play tester for valve awhile back, according to him they have and he saw a tech demo for hl3 but it is still ages away from release. He said the graphics for it will put crysis to shame so heres to hoping we see it sometime in the next 5 years.

And in keeping with trends, it will have an MP that deletes all advanced movement.
A great looking walk and shoot team game. “I hate Vans!”

no ep3 in 2010: http://kotaku.com/5452226/no-new-half+life-coming-in-2010-says-game-informer

heh damn, its gota be the most (not?) worked on game in history at this point considering its not a full length game, its an extension/expansion/episode of an old game and they put out at least 2 whole new games (L4D, L4D2) in the time they were supposedly working on it. So much for episodic releases being faster. Wonder if its even worth their time at this point or if anyone will care anymore when they do get around to releasing it. Oh well.

Valve has done worse than this before…


well they better hurry on it, i honestly couldn’t give a shit less about it so i can only imagine how pissed off the people waiting in anticipation feel.

it won’t make a difference anyways i guess, unlike 3d realms, valve is actually making money on other titles and pretty much has the pc digital content distribution market cornered with steam.

Yeah, TF2 took 8 years to make, and was originally supposed to be like CS + BF2 w/ ninjas

Well, as far as I’m concerned, that’s bad news. I won’t buy any new rigs just because of them…

But there’s one thing I agreed with Gabe Newell when I saw some video of him where he said “We will take the time needed to provide the players with something worthy, instead of rushing some ideas to feed their hunger faster”.
He used some diferent words but he ment just that. I honestly prefer to wait for the games for as long as it takes for them to make them as worthwhile as all the previous ones were. :wink: HL title is one that deserves cherish and love to be made. Imo.

BUT I’M HUNGRY!!! :mrgreen:

Did you just call l4d2 a full game?

L4D2 is the biggest ripoff. Same damn game with a little more content, lousy level design and irritating characters.

Fucking wasted good money on that shit.

Couldn’t agree more. In fact I enjoy playing the old characters (No Mercy and The Sacrifice) more in l4d2 than playing the campaigns made for l4d2.

The new characters do nothing for me → Coach is just meaningless, Rochelle is a stupid whore, Ellis is a dumbfounded bogan and Nick (although he is the best out of the lot) doesn’t have that much character. In fact every one of the characters you cannot relate to at all: and have no distinguished personalities.

The gameplay isn’t much better either. I hate the idea of a ‘defibulator’. If they are dead they are dead, like c’mon (but getting stuck in cupboards didn’t make much sense either).

The only thing better in L4D2 is the gore of the meele weapons incapitating the zomgies and throwing boomer bile at tanks and witches.

I never saw anything interesting in any of both. Zombies are cliched for years already, and the game essence isn’t more than a cyclic “shoot crap load of zombies - run - get to safety zone - repeat”. Ocasionaly there’s a goal in the 1st part of the cycle…

Even tho Valar told me the SDK was something sweet, I couldn’t convince myself to buy them just for that…

Actually a buddy of mine who works at gamestop told me they are going to release a new half-life this year. She told me the graphics are ashfajklghjakl;… awesome. Probably coming out in november she said…


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