HL2 update may indicate the end of HL2dm as we know...

Ok, Half Life 2 has been updated (maybe not to orange box, but still has diferent gamplay now). After playing a bit, my suspicions were confirmed and the bhop allowance is now gone from the single player version. I have yet to notice other changes.
There’s no big issue about it in my opinion, although it can take the fun from some people who like bhop even in the single player games, but it’s taken as a bad sign in my personal undertanding. Watching how valve has been making all of their multiplayer games with no possibilies for bunny hopping, and now the single player version of hl2dm is restricted in the same way, I’d say 2 + 2 = 4. I mean, if they touch HL2dm it will be ruined…

Now, some of you may say they won’t touch this game no matter what. I honestly don’t know. But since every other game is being ported into OB, I don’t see why they would leave this one out.

Now, just in case they do it, and in case they brake the gameplay as we know it and love it, I’m asking for your help. I want to be ready with this if it’s needed. I hope it will not be needed, but…

I want to gather all possible links to everything that shows how HL2dm has been played along the years, be it tutorials, frag movies, mods like HL2dm:OB or AG2, whatever you may think that shows it, I want to gather it. My goal is to make a huge list of evidence to show valve what they are taking away from the community, and to show them how they are breaking the extreme competitive potential of this game. Plus, they will be ruining years and years of work from community members that dedicated countless hours of their lives to create everything we know, from dm maps to jump maps, from training movement techniques and strategies to creating this website with guides and helpful thoughts, and dedicating many hours to helping other people, teaching them, etc etc etc. This list will be posted in every forums I know and possibly every website/blog I can reach with it. It hopefully will work as a big shout that will hopefully be noticed.

If anyone has other or better ideas of actions to take, discuss them or go for it. I will keep my plan going anyway, even if anyone say it’s useless. Everything is useless when you don’t try it, and the more useless things you try at once, the more they all become noticed and useful. So I’m on it, no matter what.

I will update this thread to include all links I know and that you guys may help me gather.
Thanks everyone that helps.

<links will go here>

HL2 SP is not in OB to my understanding. only added support for mac and now featuring achievements. it is still as far as i know in ep1 engine.
as for actions…the only action is to get behind an OB port and submit it to Valve to support as an official mod.

hmm, its’ indeed still under the Engine 2006 in the SDK list.
But either way, the changes to the game are still affecting the future hopes…

just dance


Genre: Action
Release Date: 1 Nov 2004
Death Date: somewhere at the start, but officially in 2008
Total Destruction: 2010 ? or we can wait till 2012, poor dm just cant live 2 more years till the end

it’s ep1 as it always was. and stop being so morbid.

you too.

Edited my 1st post to reflect what Valar told. It is not OB.

Why morbid? I’m just being precautious to my own feelings. I’m worried about this ever since I started playing this and noticed how Valve was approaching all their multiplayer games and I thought it was some luck that they have abandoned this one. Now I’m thinking that if they touch it, it will be hl2dm’s end, at least for me. I think I’m being realistic at most.

Depends dewd, probably not if the guy (whats his face) whose idea it was to create (and headed the project) has anything to do with it.
Also the fact that they left it wen they did the fios update (and even made the movement different in feel) means they could allready accept it as is.
Im not saying that it couldnt hapen, and considering the trend it is possible that they could fuck it but i think its more likely that dm comes out with little affect to movement.

Indeed. But they did it to hldm… and then they even said “it is intentional”…
Lets just hope that either they don’t touch it or they don’t fuck it this time…

i don’t believe Valve were intentionally affecting movement, i think they were correcting the code is a dated engine which inevitably affected movement.

I don’t know for sure. It’s what Boshed told me, at least.
He was more into hldm than me. I wasn’t at all.

update: HL2 is indeed now on the OB engine. materials and models replaced. i was wrong.


i hope steam will be humane enough to fix the new problems that they have made for us.

Humane!?! LMAO.

How can Steam do anything about anything? it’s a distribution / messaging application.

And you are…?

i’ve been here for a while, but i mostly just lurk.
i am a pro player from south africa, there is a thread in the introduction section i think

Who, not what.

i feel this is getting off topic, feel free to pm me if you want to interrogate me or anything.

[quote="[EYE] Valar"]
How can Steam do anything about anything? it’s a distribution / messaging application.

i’m just shooting the messenger